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  1. I'm interested in Tyranny, and I'm likely to buy it Day One (barring any worrisome news about the game), but only if it's DRM-free, preferably on GOG. Steam-only = not buying. Here's hoping PoE has been selling well enough on GOG to convince Paradox to release Tyranny there. If not... well, I've got a huge library of great games on GOG to play instead.
  2. Came here to voice similar displeasure and saw this thread. Got the boxed CE a while back in a Priority Mail box iirc, no problems. But the DRM-free discs arrived in a soft bubble mailer this week and had a loose disc (the Mac disc, which has some scratching due to coming loose and moving around inside the case). I'm not sure if it was caused by the soft mailer offering insufficient protection or if the DVD case is of poor quality and doesn't adequately grip the discs or if it was caused during the manufacturing process. I'd appreciate a replacement if possible and sent a message via Ki
  3. 1.05 patch notes say: "Druid's Wildstrike Belt is now working as intended." but I am still experiencing this issue with the patch installed. For a character having Greater Wildstrike Corrode, no change in Wildstrike damage is shown on the character sheet when a Wildstrike Belt is equipped. The description seems to have been changed from "Wildstrike Bonus: Modifies Wildstrike Burn, Wildstrike Corrode, Wildstrike Freeze, Wildstrike Shock" to "Wildstrike Bonus: Grants Wildstrike Burn". What's that about? Surely you don't mean to only grant the bonus to characters not already havin
  4. They already don't. This is just people being weird. Are you sure about that? I was told otherwise, but I don't use Steam and can't check it. That would indeed be a better situation, tho I'd still say achievements shouldn't be awarded for backing, preordering, etc.
  5. This is a dangerous misconception. The people who pre-order are making a legal purchase: if for some reason the game never comes out (which is very unlikely since games don't become available for pre-order until they are nearly finished), they are entitled to get their money back. The backers are taking all of the risks of an investor without the possibility of larger rewards that investors get when a venture does better than expected. If the developer spends all of the money and realizes that the product still cannot be finished, the backers have no recourse. In cases like PoE, where the proj
  6. 1) Some players do enjoy the challenge of getting all achievements and value the 100% badge. For them, achievements are a part of the game experience. 2) Achievements are supposed to be awarded for in-game accomplishments. These players are arguing against something that should never have been an achievement in the first place, not whining to get something they "did nothing to earn". In addition to being wholly inappropriate in that regard, the backer achievemet also prevents non-backers from getting 100% achievement completion and thus damages their experience. It's not difficult to under
  7. While I have sympathy for those who need the disc because they don't have access to a decent connection to download the game, I'd actually prefer that the disc contains as close to the final version of the game as possible. PoE is buggy and poorly balanced atm anyway.
  8. What about people who didn't know about the game until after pledging closed? And those who find the game six months from now? Those playing it five years from now? Screw them all cuz we got ours and don't give a s***? Many preorder exclusives are "available to everybody". There is no significant difference between backer and preorder exclusives: You buy at a certain place at a certain time and you are rewarded for your support with a certain bonus. Both suck when that bonus is any kind of in-game content (even cosmetic items). Here's another way to think about it: You are arguing to
  9. Um, what? As far as I know, achievements don't stop you from doing a competionist run. I've never understood completionists, nor Achievement Completionists. Don't be dense. 100% achievement completion. Not possible if not a backer. Doesn't matter that it's not important to you or me. Some value it, and there's no good reason to deny it to them.
  10. In-game backer and preorder exclusives suck. Period. Even cosmetic stuff. And an exclusive backer achievement that prevents later buyers from getting 100%? That's f***ed up. I say that as a backer and someone who doesn't bother with achievements in most games.
  11. I really want a good spiritual successor to DA:O, but not developed by Obsidian or Bioware. Maybe Cyanide Studios? (The devs of Aarklash: Legacy.) Heck, I'd love a good sequel or spiritual successor to Aarklash: Legacy that adds traditional CRPG elements such as building a player character, complex quests, etc. Legacy has great RTWP mechanics and tactical combat, and I like the setting, but I miss those traditional elements.
  12. I wonder if the spider pet was meant to be given by Tcharek, the Vithrack leader in the Endless Paths, for completing "The Master's Tools". The Vithrack keep pet spiders, so it'd make sense.
  13. The IE games have override folders that enabled modding once the file formats were understood. But yeah, modding was greatly facilitated by awesome cats in the fan community creating programs like WeiDU, NearInfinity, etc and (iirc) by developers willing to help modders understand the inner workings of the games. We need known file formats and scripting language, an override/resources folder for loading custom files, and entry points for custom content in the game itself. See my example above for supporting custom items. Example for custom characters: Characters could be c
  14. Since the subject is being discussed... Is there some technical reason they couldn't have used simple, easy-to-edit XML files for many resources? Example: Items could be created via XML files describing stats and abilties and pointing to existing model, texture, and icon resources or to custom resources placed in a "Resource" folder. Each vendor in the game could have an empty folder named "Store_VendorName" inside the "Resource" folder. Placing a custom item file in a vendor folder would add it to that vendor's inventory. Placing an edited version of an existing item in the "Re
  15. I'm more concerned with Obsidian's poor use of voice acting than the amount of voice acting. The problem: where the voice acting starts before you've had a chance to read the text description. It should follow this format: where the text description is used only to convey what well-written dialogue alone cannot. Also, some of the voice acting is awful. The hanged dwarf animancer in particular. It turned what could have been a very creepy, atmospheric scene into something out of a C-grade movie. Mostly I blame the director for not asking the voice actor to
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