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  1. Well the guns would require me to dedicate all my weapon slots... so I'm starting off with Slaptick's set up, so the class and stats are set - any and all further tips and tricks regarding the talents would be sweet Edit: Also Skill Point alocation would be neat. Aside from the Obvious like Mechanics and Athletics
  2. Okay it seams that a Pistoliero Rogue while promising fun, it's not so great... or maybe I screwed it up. So I will ask broadly, I am looking to make a Flavore character Difficulty: Hard and above The only things I want to have is that the character is Cossack Themed and is a Human or a Dwarv. The class and playstyle doesn't really matter, can go with either a Dual Saber Fighter a Gun Rogue ( Properly built) Unless it would be a collosal handicap for the build I would like to have a decent amount of Perception and Resolve for Dialogue options, somewhere around 15ish. Th
  3. Well I sorta started up a charactern Already, Hard Mode. Human 14 Might 3 Con 19 Dex 16 Per 10 int 16 Res, I know Per and Res are useless in combat for thsi set up, but I wanna use it for dialogue options. I dump statted con since I plan to stay well away from the fight.
  4. Could I please get a link or well... get a p[osting of a clearcut guide towards a Ranged rogue? What talents to pick, what weapons to use? I am fixed on a gun build, either a Pistol or the Arquebus. The only thing I noticed, is that the Russian spec allows me to focus in Sabers as well as a pistol, that would be flavorful as I am RPing a Cossack type character ( something similar to my Avatar), but if the Arquebus is severaly better than a Pistol, More than willing to go for that.
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