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  1. I just completed the whole thing, and I liked the ending. It was kind of a twist, but for one reason or another, it didn't bother me. After all, there are so many games with "real" gods. Interesting how the St. Waidwen thing was a bit of foreshadowing. Then again, I found proof of actual Gods. I suspected they might be found in PoE, since I had seen them in other games, e.g. Baldur's Gate. At the first opportunity, in Raedric's dungeons, I even adopted a God, and carried every God I could find in my inventory throughout the game. What are these Gods? you ask. I give you a hint: Meow!
  2. Singleton, innit? Speaking of gravestones, there were some funny references to e.g. Star Control 2 and Russian folklore - a kind of lich - type wizard. There's a gold nameplate NPC by the name of Reirnu Halxijrei in Dyrford. Now, replace "rn" with "m", and "lxij" with "ku" and you get Reimu Hakurei instead. And so, the npc soul description is shown in a new light. Whoever put her in the game, jolly good show! Ganbatte!
  3. I think she did the mind control thing for the sake self-preservation. And because of emotional trauma. Not guilty. The ethics of mind control... well, I think there's something innit. Mind control can be considered an evil act in itself. Or not! For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi (not in Pillars of Eternity) wasn't doing anything terribly evil when he fooled the stormtrooper.
  4. I have encountered an unending combat bug a couple of times on regular fights. Reloading and finishing the fight again solved it. But this time was different: I accepted both Galawain's and Rymrgand's quests. First I went to Noonfrost and persuaded the pale elves to walk away. I sealed the breach. I had killed 1 guardian before that since I wasn't stealthy enough (I got too close). Note that I didn't find the prisoner of the Prison of Ice quest at this time, since I got out of Noonfrost fast, thinking that there still might be guards or such (there weren't). Then I went into the Maw to do Galawain's quest. I killed some lions and lion tribesmen, and after reaching the big lioness, I decided to kill the bear and so I did. Exploring the place further, I got the said Prison of Ice quest, re-entered Noonfrost and released the prisoner. Now, after re-entering the Maw, I suddenly found myself in combat mode, with no enemies in sight. This made it impossible to finish Prison of Ice. Solution: Yeah, the good news is that upon loading the latest autosave (inside the Maw), I found out that the "combat" didn't start! So, I finished the quest normally, phew.
  5. The reputation mechanic in bg/bg2 was poorly implemented. One would think that evil characters would appreciate the benefits of having a good reputation, e.g. discounts in stores. But, being stupidly evil, they basically throw a hissy fit and leave if player saves one kitten too many, never mind the rewards. Failing or declining to do their npc quest is a more justified reason to take off. I think that companions should give a fair warning before leaving if the player is about to do something that really, really bothers them, on a case by case basis.
  6. Hi. Is there an official buglist somewhere? I was happily exploring the Endless Paths, when Eder got hit by a mind control attack and turned hostile. It was one of those Vithracks, I think. I killed it and nearby enemies, and retreated well away from Eder, so he wouldn't attack the rest of the party. He had switched to a crossbow - maybe the mind control did that. After the mind control wore off, I could control Eder normally, but his green character selection ring was gone. This one I solved by ascending stairs and loading the resulting autosave. I also noticed that Eder's knockdown ability was locked - it showed a red message "Already activated", despite the fact that combat had already ended. I solved this by resting. I don't know what caused this, psychic attack or something happening to an enemy that was targeted by the knockdown before he could use the ability. For some reason, the graphical effects you see on e.g. party AI button and modal abilities buttons were gone. I simply saved, restarted the game and they came back. I suspect this one has already been reported, but sometimes the stronghold quest button says "Assign" even when it actually should say "Recall". I hit the button accidentally once and forfeited one quest. This probably happens when you assign a companion on a quest, save game and load it.
  7. All things considered, the Devil has one of the kindest hearts I've ever seen in a video game. Even though it's artificial. As for Durance... evil, what? He's not evil in the slightest. I haven't quite completed Act 2 yet (did WM1 first actually), but I've done a lot of side quests. I have talked with Durance a lot, and so far he seems like a lovable old grandpa who is just exaggerating his heroic deeds in a tongue-in-cheek way. Durance is going to make Dyrwood great again.
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