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  1. Hello So as you can see on the picture, I have all the necessary materials for "Urgent Harvest" enchant, but it's still unavailable. Does it have some other condition or why can't I enchant it? https://imgur.com/a/J8GAFEE
  2. Hello guys, Do the same inspirations from different spells stack? So for example, would Fit from "Infuse With Vital Essence" and "Frenzy" stack, or would I just get 5 constitution with both buffs applied?
  3. You guys misunderstood me I didn't call the builds garbage I called the party composition I made garbage (Because I thought maybe I chose bad classes to have decent synergy party) I know very well the guys who make these builds are way more experienced in this than I am and that's why I asked you to help me choose the classes from the available guides (If I found the builds given as garbage I wouldn't ask that). Now the main problem is not Maerwald, I know he is pretty easy to kill, before I restarted the game I had a party of my own made 6 companions and I steamrolled till white march I quest. But then I decided to start my game anew and build a party with these guides as I have limited experience in mid and late game. Anyways as I had very hard time in early game, I thought maybe this party composition doesn't work, but now I see that I just need to beat Act I and then it gets easier. Thanks!
  4. Hello guys Can someone help me build a party for PotD with the sticky class guides available on this forum? I tried myself and went for: 1) Golden Dragon Barbarian (Class Guide link) 2) Engineer Fighter (Class Guide link) 3) Drake Ambassador Chanter (Class Guide link) 4) Fire Priest - Godhammer (Class Guide link) 5) Thunder Cat Druid (Class Guide link) 6) Mr. Speedo Cipher (Class Guide link) Yeah and so far this party proved to be complete garbage, I can barely kill just Maerwald (without any usables) even a party with joinable companions is much stronger, at least in early game. So what I am asking is if someone could help me choose the most optimal classes for party with sticky class guides featured here: pinned classes
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