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  1. This is a shame, but not as much as a shame as it could be. That is to say that I'm having an hilarious blast with this build. I load it up when I'm frustrated and done testing various things. I walk into a room and kill everything, usually my party. Which is comedy! I often wonder how the conversations go afterwards. Eder (laconic drawl): Could you just, you know, stop?
  2. For a brief update: I finished a playthrough as a Votary, dual-pistols (Thundershock, Ecca's). Nothing was too difficult and definitely PotD viable. I am working on two right now and could solicit some advice. The first is what I think is my own creation: A Cantor (Helwalker/Troubadour). The pistols and monks abilities of course provide the punch, and the Troubadour is providing getting dual-wield reload (with Flurry and the singy-song-of-bullet-speed). I'm getting pretty darn close to sub 2.0 seconds. I think. I'll need to double check. This will absolutely be PotD capable and I can't wait to finish up my solo Veteran and pop it up a level. Unfortunately, I had to use Berath's Blessings. The second is, as suggested a few posts up, a single pistol Ascendent/Troubadour. I'm not as far along, but the crowd control is naturally amazing, it's just the damage is a bit under. Any suggestions beyond those barebones framework?
  3. Thank you all for the help! I'm finishing up a play through using a Votary that's dual-wielding (a slight and minor variation of the link posted above). It's solid enough that I was solo'ing PotD after I got the feel for it (I remade the character a few times). However, you're absolutely right that single use pistol is the better way to go. Further builds I'm going to try include a rogue and druid variation. I can't thank everyone enough for the assist on this. I've had a blast with the dual Votary so far, but it's super fiddly. And in the future, I really, really want to get away from using Paladin sub-classes. They're just used for everything lately.
  4. Hello! I'm pretty new to the game and I love it so far, I very much want to find a build (there currently isn't one in the sticky) that uses two guns. I just want to use two guns and I'd love to use it to someday solo PotD. Does anyone have one or can point me to suggestions so that I can build one? I promise to post the build if I finally succeed with it. Currently: I'm trying out two things and they're working, but only with a party and no-where near PotD: the Bleakwalker sniper Voltron posted and the Kind Wayfarer/Chanter that... Voltron also posted? My memory is horrid. If you have any suggestions, tips, or a link, I'd love to know. If not, I'll keep this updated with my trials and errors. Lots of trials. More errors. Thanks everyone in advance!
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