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  1. I loaded up a game with just Watcher and Eder in the Port Maje tavern, walked outside and recruited Xoti. Maybe a new game would fix it. Only have your mod and the one that unlocks the special subclasses for custom characters.
  2. Cool! Just downloaded and noticed that Xoti still has her original level 3 spell in addition to the new Wicked Briars.
  3. Ghostheart/Ascendant is pretty nice, with Frostseeker (warbow from near Neketaka) and Driving Flight you have an extremely powerful dispel that also causes you to ascend and be able to spam Cipher powers. There's also a companion that can be a ranger/wizard, might be a good one to take with you if you like both classes.
  4. Downloaded this mod and the enhanced subclasses are powerful and fun. Wael's 7th level spell is showing as just Spirit Shield, not sure if that's intended. Really looking forward to the release of more subclasses in the future, keep up the great work!
  5. It shows the effect as being suppressed, but it isn't actually suppressed. Instead, Suppress Affliction's duration is effectively added to the Charm/Dominate, as the debuff isn't ticking down while it's "suppressed." How is that not a bug?
  6. I made an Arcane Archer/Bleak Walker on Boeroer's suggestion and it's pretty amazingly good. He suggested Spearcaster (which scales with Arcana like your Imbues) but I've been using Dragon's Dowry to similarly great effect. I haven't tried Evoker as a main character but I made one for one of my max level parties and they are crazy powerful, especially with a cipher giving them infinite spells.
  7. it's not just about spamming slickens at bosses you know. blood mages can also repeatedly cast your favorite evocation spell over and over again (along with other excluded spells). sure they won't be able to one-hit-end-combat in late game like an empowered [insert high-end damage spell] can, but I would argue most of the game is not about ending combat with one super-empowered AL8/9 spell. Evokers can cast them over and over again too if you have Brilliant! Blood mage may be more versatile, but in my experience even un-empowered evocations are really strong with all the PL buffs you can
  8. The northwestern fampyr crypt with the ancient fampyr sages and others wrecked me a few times, and Splintered Reef can definitely be nasty. The interior of Bekarna's Observatory if everything pulls is pretty rough.
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