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  1. Hello, my steam download has been stuck at 99% for 24 hours. I have deselected the DLC, cleared the steam cache and many other work around to no avail. Please can someone assist me?
  2. Understood. How would I go about also editting a few spells that I commonly use. I rather dislike the short range of spells such as fireball.
  3. Thanks for your time and effort. I will try the mod later today. I have not played very much of POE2 so I need to figure out what PL5 means.
  4. Thanks, I am most interested in playing a single class wizard. From what you guys are saying that would not be an optimal class or build. After reading about Blood Mages the class seems like it would work well in turn based mode. What stats do you guys suggest for a mage in turn based mode?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me increase the range of spells.
  6. Good day, I am trying to build the most effective fireball build and wanted suggestions on gear, stat attribution, etc. for a fireball focused build in Turn based mode. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has a mod to increase the distance of wizard spells?
  8. Thanks for your input, I will try some of your suggestions. You are correct I do not like multi-classing.
  9. Hi all, I am looking for some suggestions. I finally made it to level five with my party consisting of a fighter, 2 wizards, a priest, and a barbarian. I am not enjoying my class choices of priest and barbarian. I am uncertain if it is my play-style or build. I used some of the guides in this forum to help me build them. There have been many times where I wish I had a ranger to do consistent melee damage but need 2 front-liners to make my group work. I am considering restarting and switching out my under performing classes. What do the veteran player think about my party composition
  10. Someone told me that DEX is a dump stat. I think it determines turn order which is of paramount importance in turn based mode. Any thoughts?
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