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  1. I am going through my heroic clears with Kyra, Meros owl, Amri and Seoni. AD1-4 were straight forward. 5-1 was tough, as i keep meeting the hounds. 5-4 and 5-5 were very tough. Especially for 5-4, when the increase in difficulty was brought over to the closing of the locations! Then at 6-2, oh my, what an absolute nightmare since the dice row is -2 and on a roll of 1-2, its considered zero. So i am wondering how difficult it will be at legendary. Question: how often does it take to replay a scenario at heroic and legendary? Is it expected to be able to clear it in 1 try with a p
  2. Hi, i have an ipad which is my main device to lay Pathfinders. I tried to link my progress to my iphone, but i have not been able to do that. I tried to use the "generate link code" but it doesn't allow me to generate for IOS. I tried to log into my asmodean account, but for some reason, even after entering my password and seeing a notification that i am logged in, i am still not seeing the link. can anyone help since it will be useful to play across my IOS devices.
  3. Wow. Respect for finishing AD3 in hardcore mode (without knowing about Blessings) :D That said, all of Jenceslav's points are great so keep them in mind. Also, stock up on every Blessing of Shelyn you can get your hands on, you'll thank me later (around AD6, to be precise ) Some additional hints: Augury and Scrying are some of the best spells around - in a monster-heavy location they are almost certain to be equal to auto-defeating 2-3 monsters! (search for monster, and choose to put any monsters found on the bottom of the location) Merisiel's power to leave evaded cards on to
  4. Oh wow, now that i know that blessings can be used by other players to perform checks, it makes it much much easier! previously i only used the characters to perform the check themselves. i also found out that players in the same location can play items to help other players. Using the wand of erivation to help others with their checks is awesome.
  5. Thanks for the reply! Regarding no 2, i really didn't know you can help others with blessings? Is it for checks? How do i do that? Must the characters be in the same location? Hmm, is that why there is an "!" Mark over my characters sometimes? I read that some characters (like the dwarf) who can help 'sniped' people, but because my Merisiel doesn't have bow specialty, i think i can use that ability. Up till now, i have been mainly spreading the characters out in 1 location each. I try not to bunch them up. On another note, is there a way to know which kind of cards are in which AD
  6. Hi, i just started the game recently, and just currently cleared AD3 (though with Amiri dying in the last act, sigh). I realised that i have been consistently failing (or losing characters, though with no permadeath on, its manageable). My difficulties lie in closing locations and clearing traps & obstacles, and i begin to wonder whether I need to reconfigure my party. My party consists of - Seoni (alt) - Kyra (alt) - Merisiel (alt) - Amiri To explain more about my difficulty, if the location has a few traps/obstacles, i only have Merisiel to clear it, and I need to p
  7. Hello, i have a question of playing in offline mode. So i was playing on my Ipad without wifi. A prompt came up, saying that gold and store will be disabled. i didn't think too much about it, because i figured i can still play the game. However, when i close a location, i realised i didn't get the associated gold. Will i still get the gold, post hoc, after i connect to wifi? or is the gold as good as gone?
  8. thanks for the reply! i guess it's an oversight on their part on the pricing of the bundle characters. Then i guess it makes sense to buy the characters singly.
  9. Hello, i just started with the Pathfinders adventure game, and loving it! I have purchased the Runelord bundle at a price of $22+ dollars and found that it is worth the price. However, for the alternate characters bundle, the pricing left me scratching my head. Power & Prestige bundle = $45 dollars for 6 alt characters. Rugged & refined bundle = $45 dollars for 6 alt characters. When i added up the individual prices of the various alt characters (i.e. i purchased them one by one), i will only need to spend less than $30 dollars for the 12 alt characters. So why
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