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  1. I think that's the correct number for what it did, I didn't catch what number the site rolled because I was distracted by "why is there a sure rolling?" In any case. Sajan explored the Goblin Fortress, recruited a Guide (with the help of Kyra's blessing), explored again with the Rooster, encountered Goblin Commando. Dice rolled to increase the difficulty (I think two, but not sure anymore), then it rolled a d4 and did d4+1 ranged damage. And now he's going to die. I mean permadeath be like that sometimes but it sucks losing him to a bug. Info: Android 5.0.1 Galaxy S4 Perma
  2. The random scenario trait to summon Leng Spiders when fighting other monsters (the deck 6 analog to Charging Ogres, etc.) does not display its strings. During the preview, the box for this trait simply doesn't appear. During the game, the effect display shows it, but it is named the same as the scenario and shows an empty text box when tapped. ---- Android 7.0 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID#EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Legendary difficulty, seen in multiple scenarios
  3. (On Legendary difficulty) *If a character fails the constitution check, the give and move phases of their turn are skipped, and they are given an extra explore instead of their normal one (which prevents them from using deck sorting, etc. before exploring) *When a Stone Head is closed, not all the characters at that location consistently move. *Characters (not just Ezren) sometimes get extra explores after succeeding at checks to acquire boons?? (It might only be Seelah) The combination of failing to automatically move and skipping the move phase makes the scenario nigh unplayable wi
  4. My worst party thus far was Amiri, Harsk and Seoni. No healing ability whatsoever and two characters that like to burn through cards, yikes! It actually got manageable once I picked up Father Zantus and a couple heal staves though. Honestly, I think healing is probably the single thing that will break your party to not have. Although, I suppose a Lem-Lini pair might have trouble just because neither is consistently good in combat. They'd tear through everything else though.
  5. I don't think this is quite what you meant, but I've found that there are quite a few amusing interactions with the Shopkeeper's Daughter. For example, because she has the Obstacle trait, you can use a crowbar on her. Or you can be completely brutal and Disintegrate her. It's fine.
  6. After playing a card which is displayed and grants a bonus to combat - such as Toxic Cloud or any of the Orbs - if the card play is canceled, either by clicking the X button or by dragging it away, the effects remain. This includes both dice and traits. In addition, the card can then be played again, adding its dice an additional time. This can be repeated without apparent limit. Also, mostly unrelated but involving the same cards, sometimes during a later check, when clicking the X button, the card will be returned to the hand of the character that played it. ---- Android 7.0 on
  7. When encountering a monster using Favor of Nethys, the "Summon?" prompt appears, but the confirmation option disappears after a split second. Since the cancel option doesn't work (for obvious reasons) this causes a soft lock. A VRT or full close returns the game to the Nethys choice, whereupon if a monster is chosen again, the same lock occurs. ---- Android 7.0 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID#EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Sandpoint Under Siege, Legendary difficulty, occurred in multiple games with different random traits Encountered by Seelah in Scarnetti Manor, after using Crusade and explori
  8. (Yay, hypercorrection.) Harsk (with the divine skill feat) played Invoke, from the cards displayed by the Emerald Codex, on his turn after exploring. After its effect, the card was buried instead of banished. ---- Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID #EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Story mode, Scaling Mhar Massif, Legendary difficulty, Full Packs and Painful Memories Pass and play and permadeath both off Party of Harsk, Seoni and Amiri
  9. I think I've seen this situation. It ends up shuffling the location that the character was moved to instead, right?
  10. Fighting Tyrant Troll with Seoni, used Scorching Ray. Missed by one, so was prompted to use Fortune's Herald. Used it, then changed my mind about which card to bury so canceled it. The check started over and the Ray was returned to my hand, but Fortune's Herald was still available to use so I did that. Not sure what would've happened had I rerolled the check. I don't remember whether it was letting me play spells on it, also. ---- Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID #EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Story mode, Under Jorgenfist, Legendary difficulty Pass and play and permadeath both o
  11. To my observation it's only closing checks and recharge checks that are unaffected. Checks to acquire boons and noncombat checks to defeat banes definitely were.
  12. I can not only confirm but also significantly expand on this: All checks triggered by monsters, other than to defeat them, are treated as success regardless of the result. First noticed it against Warden of Runes, but have confirmed for Karzoug, Mokmurian, and, yes, Harpy. I think it may have also applied to Warchanter-style checks, but I don't remember that one for sure. ---- Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID #EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Story mode Different parties, permadeath both settings, no pass and play May have been always Legendary
  13. Ezren defeated a Warden of Runes in the Temple and "attempted" to close it. Ghlorofaex appeared, due to the scenario power, and attacked Harsk (at the City Gate). But, instead of rolling, the City Gate closed and Harsk took two damage. And then, after returning, the Temple closed normally. ---- Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID #EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Story mode, The Road Through Xin-Shalast, Legendary difficulty, Close Quarters and Darkest Night Pass and play off, permadeath on Party of Lem, Valeros, Merisiel, Kyra, Harsk and Ezren
  14. Ezren, in the Academy, manages to roll a one on his recharge die for Acid Arrow, for a total of five. He has a Luckstone in hand, I bury it to succeed. The Luckstone is buried, but the Acid Arrow goes to the discard anyway. ---- Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1 PFID #EC19BBE1B715AFA6 Quest mode, normal difficulty, scenario power Blood in the Sand Pass and play and permadeath both off Party of Amiri, Sajan, Ezren, Seelah, and Lini
  15. The only thing I can think of is maybe playing a spell that adds the Attack trait is different from playing a spell that has the Attack trait? That would be pretty dumb if true though. Otherwise, yes, you ought to be able to use the staff with her power.
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