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  1. I am home because of COVID-19 and wanted to play my 2018 purchase on STEAM of PACG - Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. But cannot find it on Steam. Jim121441544@gmail.com Thank you.
  2. Operating System on Computer = Windows 10 Home PFID# = E1F91A1582819F17 VER -1147-20180220 Text Next to Blue Box at Top = Pathfinder Adventures Running I have attempted changing the screen resolution both Full Screen and NOT full screen, box text still gets cut off by edges of computer screen. Jim121441544@gmail.com
  3. FlippantBoxer13094#3432 Droid Turbo Smartphone Android Ezren1 is at the Warren's about to wipe out the villain - The Skinsaw Man I used a spell to move Kyra from the Academy to team up with Ezren1 in the final battle. For some reason the spell did not work and Ezren1 cannot attack the Villain. HELP! Seoni, Merisiel & Seelah are at the Prison and all other locations are closed. HELP (Victory is literally seconds away..) Please help unfreeze so that Ezren1 can make the final blows.. Thank you in advance. Jim121441544@gmail.com Jimbo
  4. Thank you. I wrote that down. So using Ezren in this lower level party, the game changed his name to: Ezren1 . When I go back to the higher level party: do I need to get rid of 'Ezren' and add 'Ezren1' ?
  5. Yeah, tried that 1st. But most of my recent party has done all of the first 3 'cities' about 2-3 times each. Now trying with an earlier party that did not get very far. I am hoping that 'improvements' in Ezra1 port over to Ezra in the experienced party. Think they will??
  6. Ezren is my new character to my party. Valeros, Seoni, Seelah, Kyra & Merisiel have adventured together a good bit. I want to level him up to match the rest of the party. What is the 'safest' way to do this?
  7. Today's Daily Challenge ended about a 1/2 hour ago. I had completed the challenge last night. I could not pick up the 100 gold. I wondered if I had to wait for the time to end. (This was about 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm tonight.) So I figured I would just play a game and pickup my gold afterwards. NOPE ! What's the deal? How do you pick up the gold when you have ACCOMPLISHED the Daily Challenge???!
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