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New Character Ezren - safe to Level Up alone?



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Ezren is my new character to my party. Valeros, Seoni, Seelah, Kyra & Merisiel have adventured together a good bit. I want to level him up to match the rest of the party. What is the 'safest' way to do this?


Just add him to your party and replay all the scenarios from the beginning on normal as a group.  Having an solid crew to back Ezren up shouldn't make the process terribly hard.


There's nothing in the rules against "experienced" characters replaying old scenarios to help "level-up" someone new.  The old characters won't gain any new feats or rewards as they replay scenarios, but your fresh Ezren will pick up the various skills and feats as he completes everything.

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Yeah, tried that 1st. But most of my recent party has done all of the first 3 'cities' about 2-3 times each. Now trying with an earlier party that did not get very far. I am hoping that 'improvements' in Ezra1 port over to Ezra in the experienced party. Think they will??

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