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  1. Oh oh... any character cap ( which leads to performance and hang issues). Was that resolved?
  2. Same 30-card cap as previous. No changes in that regard. What's the 30-card cap? Sorry... been away for a long while (cuz i was pissed at the bugs, the undocumented/underneath-the-hood culling and weird pricing) Back now hoping things have changed...
  3. The thread here seems to suggest the backend salvage is stillin effect? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/93073-improper-collectionvault-amounts/?do=findComment&comment=1921771
  4. I am also concerned about salvaging or method of removing cards over the cap ... has the dev team figured out what they plan to do in the long-term? I dont want to see cards removed now, only to hear the cap is lifted next week.
  5. Devs should confirm the newest behavior from the latest patch... But my last understanding is: you cannot salvage from your box/pool/collection (not to be confused with your stash or play deck or end-of-scenario haul/loot). Instead, the game now auto-salvages behind thr scene and pays you back some gold. The auto salvage triggers incrementally over time, but does not give a measage when it does. To date, i haven't seen my gold increase unexpectedly, so I assume my cards have not been auto-salvaged, but there is no way to confirm that. My 2 cents: sounds like a broken code ... which may
  6. What would help is to explicitly say which devices have insufficient memory and can run into those problems. And of those devices, what is the workaround. For example, i have an iphone6 that has this problem. The devs deleted some of my chars. I now have 13 (from 22) but I dont crash on the player-menus
  7. Dang. Some other folks reported similar issues. You willing to delete some of those chars so you can keep playing? At 13 chars, it looks ok now.
  8. Just saw this after I posted. Mine is: 6919456783fc5ee2 I just tried shutting-down all other apps, and there is 1.8G HDD left on my iphone7 device, but "new-game" still crashes (exits the app) You have 22 characters which I believe is what is causing the issue. Unfortunately the current state of the character system is a bit unoptimized so this is what I'm going to do: I will temporarily delete some of your low level (low progression) characters. Once the patch comes in with the optimization fixes, I'll re-add them to your account. Please let me know if this fixes / doesn't fix y
  9. Just saw this after I posted. Mine is: 6919456783fc5ee2 I just tried shutting-down all other apps, and there is 1.8G HDD left on my iphone6 device, but "new-game" still crashes (exits the app)
  10. It would be disappointing if developing-resources were put on steam and not on mobile. Especially, considering the mobile customer base contains already-paying customers. For all the cash earned on steam, ppl will look at this mobile-patch/bug-experience as a precursor at how the dev-team operates, and think twice (or thrice) before buying future products. But, to be fair, I do see responses on the other threads. So let's hope they'll get to this one eventually. (Devs: Again, I'm not saying "i want this fixed 'yesterday'" .... I'm just asking for an acknowledgement that the you guys a
  11. I tried to exit/login a couple times. But I don't see my gold changing/increasing. If cards are being salvaged underneath the hood, then I'm not being compensated. That said... I can't tell if there's any auto-salvaging occurring either. (Imo, there should be a pop up message.. but oh well)... If the caps are changing... then I don't know if I should be playing now. What if you upped the caps, but the auto-salvage nuked my cards now? (Worse yet if those are cards I paid real cash for).
  12. Voting yes. I like and share Borissimo's points But.. if they bring it back, I can see some ppl will be reeeeaallly pissed. (The app ate away some of their cards in this version. Next version, cap is lifted. End result: they lost cards for no apparent reason or benefit)
  13. This is a bit better than no salvaging at all... but still inferior to the original manual-salvage option. More importantly though: - any reason for not sharing this information up front? MOST importantly: - as far as I can tell,.... no culling has occurred on my account. If the system is delete my cards, shouldn't it send me a pop-up message, and refund some gold? If it's just deleting them without gold-compensation, I'd feel that's a bit of a rip. - ... and.. wouldn't this break my existing games and character decks? (If they happen to be using more than the new cap. That
  14. I still saw the issue on single player... but can't remember when. Might have been in the previous version. The character that holds the shaman card can use it during *this* character's turn. During other characters' turn, the shaman card could not be used corectly. Ie: if Seoni is holding the shaman card, she can only use it during her turn. Not during Valeros' turn.
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