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  1. I've been having extra copies of legendary blessings disappear from my decks. For example I had two unity of Iomedae and two Prayer of Gorum on Seelah, and on two different occasions went to start a scenario only to find that one of the 2nd copies had disappeared. I got both copies of each blessing from the "repair deck" screen, so easy come easy go, but I feel it's worth noting in case it is indeed related to the new legendary cap it would be good to know if their disappearance was a bug or just a niche case of how the repair cards work.
  2. So THAT'S what happened to my party! Well it's nice to know at least. I'll send an email, thanks.
  3. It is available for download as far as I can see. Are you not able to download it from here? no i am not. i go to the link in my steam, and it looks like it will let me click when i scroll over, but after clicking, it does nothing at all. Silly question, but are you sure it didn't already download? I had it doing the same thing for me, but then when I looked at the game in my library, the DLC was already there and installed. ...that being said, it's not actually WORKING for me, in that it's not unlocking the epic/legendary cards. But I've already reached out to support on that separately.
  4. Yeah I noticed that too, and just figure "it's a feature not a bug". I took it as motivation to actually claim cards and assign them to characters instead of leaving them in an ever-growing list.
  5. There are many successful and enjoyable games on both sides of the equation, so this is just a matter of player preferences. So all of the below is just my perspective: For my playstyle, a respec option makes the game more fun. I love tweaking my character build and refining it to be as efficient and optimal as possible. But having to replay most of the game just to move a +1 stat around? That's just a grind to me. As for high consequence gameplay, I personally don't feel it's a good match for games like this where chance and dice rolls are a big factor. If I'm playing Hoplite or a similar rogue-like perma-death game, if I die it's because I made the wrong move, and I could have made a different decision and kept going. In PACG I might've made the most optimal decision I could with the information I knew, and just lose due to unlucky dice rolls or deck order. Simply losing the scenario and having to start over (or having to spend a decent chunk of gold to respec) seems like a reasonable level of consequence to me for this game. Also, my preferred solution for continued play is MORE CONTENT, not replaying the same content with essentially the same character with a minor change. We can already get plenty of play out of existing content via playing it with multiple classes, beyond that it just gets tiring. happy gaming to all!
  6. I hear ya, I'm in the exact same bind myself after boosting her wisdom. Most characters only have one primary skill so it's easy to max and still have some points to throw around on misc stuff. But every point counts for Seelah as she tries to balance casting and melee. I'm always a fan of a reset option. I'm sure that's a pain to program and would cause lots of bugs but it would definitely sell well in the store if they ever put one together.
  7. I'll send this over to Ryan. He was noticing a bunch of PlayFab errors related to merging. Looked through and compared the DLC card list to my vault. Definitely missing several of the promised cards (the ones I do have I already owned). Can't say if they were there before linking my account or not, didn't think to check. Same here, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC but all the legendary and epic cards (except those I previously unlocked through chests) are still showing "?" when viewed in collection on any device.
  8. Going into the "Crow Bait" scenario on Heroic Difficulty, I saw that the scenario effect was to take 1 point combat damage upon encountering an ally. To counteract this I bought a "Rune of Shield II" and hit "use" and saw the 4 hour countdown clock turn on. But when actually playing the scenario I am still taking 1 automatic combat damage when encountering allies. The rune shows up in the list of active effects for the scenario and is working normally to reduce damage from lost combats, but not the scenario effect. While testing further I also found the Goblin Commando monster bypassed the rune with his automatic 1 ranged combat damage. The wording of the Rune of Shield states "Reduce all damage dealt to you by 1." which seems to imply it should apply to all damage sources. Certainly in the case of the Goblin Commando who even uses the same wording of "deals ... damage". Is this a bug or is the rune intended to only apply when losing combats? If the former, let me know if I can provide any additional info that might help in troubleshooting. If the latter, might I suggest a change to the wording to make that more clear? Additional context: iPhone 6 iOS PFID D1194DDA31C602A1 Pass & Play: NO Perma-Death: NO Wildcard power: if you acquire a blessing or ally, end your turn (works normally) Characters in turn order: Seelah, Seoni, Lini. (issue appears to be unrelated to character) Locations: Desecrated Vault, Guard Tower, Farmhouse, Woods, Wooden Bridge. (issue appears to be unrelated to location) Ally cards encountered: Troubador, Guide, others I cannot recall.
  9. Mine fairly commonly crashes at the same areas (backing out from deck building or after adding characters). First time it happened I lost my entire current party of Story characters too! After that initial disaster I haven't had much trouble beyond the occasional need to reload the game, but I could see the wisdom in holding off playing a bit till things are more stable. You don't want to lose your party like myself or OP. I should note that while they can't just restore my characters as-is, the dev staff here in the forums have been very responsive and done what they can to fix the loss, so props to them.
  10. That's how I read it and expect it to go too, yeah. Or to put it another way; 1. Don't do anything just wait for ambassador program to launch. 2. follow new instructions posted along with ambassador program launch. 3. Play like crazy.
  11. I just updated the game to 1.2.6 on my iPhone 6. After opening it for the first time on the new version I received the expected notification of rewards for Quest levels, and went to the "create party" screen where I remove the only existing party member (a fully leveled Lem) and added my existing fully leveled characters Lini, Seoni (frostfire) and Seelah and took the opportunity to change their nicknames. I hit the Decks button and realized that I needed to shift some cards around between characters, so I hit the red back arrow at which point my game crashed. I start the game back up and only Lini shows in my party (without nickname), while Seelah and Seoni are not under My Characters at all! I restart the game and it's still only Lini (and my other experienced characters) but no Seoni or Seelah. I remove Lini from the party and try to Add Character and then Lini is missing too! Thankfully she re-appears in my party if I go back to the main menu without finalizing the party and hit "Start" again. I can consistently reproduce the latter issue of Lini not appearing in My Characters when I remove her from the party, so I'm guessing this is related to how I lost Seoni and Seelah. However this does not appear to happen to other characters, ie I can add and remove them and they show up in My Characters as normal. Any help is appreciated. That's two out of 3 of my best characters and all their cards gone, so I'm hoping against hope that something can be done.
  12. Excited to hear this! I wasn't really interested in buying on PC as well, but this gesture changed my mind.
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