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  1. Even under the new patch i can not play a game, the tutorial worked though. But i played no game since the PC release, because of IOS Bugs. I am hoping for a fix this week, PA is my everyday game.
  2. Saves are still gone, although i do not mind start all new. The problem is i still can not create a party, because it crashes when i press the new button on my ipad air and on my iphone 6+. But the asmodee login worked. But i could not play the game now for 3 days, makes me very sad as i played daily.
  3. My Purchases are okay, but i lost al mysaves. So i wanted to start a new party, but as soon i hit the new party button, plenty of seconds load screen after that it crashes. I can not play this game at the moment. I tried on my IpadAir and also on my Iphone6+ even with reinstalling, but i do always get the crash when trying to build a new party.
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