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  1. I like the combat/rule system in this game it reminds me of 5e D&D in many aspects. Chanter is great in long fights and priest is also fun and very versatile. Only wizard isn't that good but I suppose he get's better with levels. Fighter is also good in his role as damage sponge Yeah this is true, I read in several places that this game doesn't have combat AI but it does have combat AI you can configure. A lot has chanced since release.
  2. If I enjoy the campaign of the core game then shall I buy the white march after I finish it.
  3. A local gamestore had Pillars of Eternity for only 15€ so I bought it, maybe triggered the release of the new game(tyranny) this sale. I shall play a chanter in my first game they sound fun but I hope I shall find a druid companion
  4. Hello, would I recommend pillars of eternity or Tyranny? I like RPG's like the 2 neverwinter games and games with special magical abilities like summoning creatures, shapeshifting or causing enemies to run away.
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