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  1. And isn't the d20 SRD for fantasy (spells, monsters,etc..)? I don't see how this can be used for postmodern New York: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/srd35 OOoooh.. the "other" SRD. The modern SRD http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd
  2. Except you brought in d20 into the mix which isn't a baseline system either(a whole hodge podge of third party products). It is only fair to compare 2ndEd with 3.x not with d20.
  3. There are a whole bunch of these things.. Fantasy Grounds, OpenRPG, WebRPG, Ghost Orb, GRIP, Screenmonkey, kLoOge, and TRIS. I'ts been a while since I checked, but there are probably even more of these virtual tabletop RPGs out now. Basically, they have evolved from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) roleplaying to a virtual environment where the GM and players can move their characters around on a virtual grid complete with virtual miniatures (very useful for visualizing combat!). I've tried all that I've listed and although OpenRPG is not the prettiest graphically, it is the best one to
  4. Let's debunk this myth, shall we? -The lockpick percentages most likely will be very different(not to mention all the other skills). -Non weapon proficiencies could vary tremendously from one thief to another. -If 2ndEd Player's Option is used, a thief could have a totally different set of thieving skills from another. -In PO, A dwarf can also have a totally different set of class skills from another. - Traits/advantages/disadvantages also bestow a huge degree of variation among characters of the same class. - And of course, any house rules that a DM sees fit. -And
  5. You are truly in the minority here.
  6. Merengue and Swing all the way. Sometimes good ol' booty dancing is fun too.
  7. Absolutely nothing!! Can you believe it!?
  8. What the heck is wrong with the name "Altered Beast?" I think the name is quite fitting.. And , no, I don't believe seeing it on the list.
  9. If your pockets are deep enough to get both, then get both. Otherwise, if you must pick one your safest bet is with a Desktop for the reasons that Hurlshot and I have already given.
  10. Although I am far too poor (or cheap) to get metal miniatures, I do usually rely on some sort of physical representation of the PCs/NPCs via tokens or cardboard heroes. Having minis is very helpful in running strategic combat and keeping track of combat minutiae.. Not to mention that combat is much more fun with them. That said, minis are not meant to duplicate the characters down to the underwear they used, but are only meant to approximate general characteristics (i.e. class). Because the minis are more or less undefined, they have never replaced the players'/DM's imagination. On the co
  11. Nah. I was just bold enough to actually say what was on everyone's minds. Funny though. For those with a sick mind.
  12. There is something most disturbingly phallic about this "mushroom."
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