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    i adore music and star wars
  1. that is the best song in the world. no doubt. i currently am listening to white stripes. they rock.
  2. i like all of the old nintendo songs. hehehe mario is awesome. zelda too. not really a soundtrack but still....
  3. No thanks. We already got too much turtles as personal photos around here. :sad:

  4. i may change my pic to a turtle or something.... he'd prolly hit on that too

  5. Oh sorry that chris is a jackass! :shifty: :shifty-chrisjackass:

  6. yeah he is. creeeeeeeeepy

  7. oh sorry that accepts a jerk :shifty:

  8. karate chops krookies head off

  9. "oh, sorry"

    Ahahahaah. :lol:

  10. ....should i be scared???

  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! JESUS CHRIST XARD! You are so unbelievible Pwnd! You probably are the most pwnd finn EVER!

  12. They have restraining orders for that kind of thing.

  13. im kind of confused. that pics from like 4 years ago tho...

  14. I thought I was commenting at Om's "page" and poking some fun at silly Accept posts :D

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