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  1. that is the best song in the world. no doubt. i currently am listening to white stripes. they rock.
  2. i like all of the old nintendo songs. hehehe mario is awesome. zelda too. not really a soundtrack but still....
  3. i may change my pic to a turtle or something.... he'd prolly hit on that too

  4. yeah he is. creeeeeeeeepy

  5. oh sorry that accepts a jerk :shifty:

  6. karate chops krookies head off

  7. ....should i be scared???

  8. They have restraining orders for that kind of thing.

  9. im kind of confused. that pics from like 4 years ago tho...

  10. I thought I was commenting at Om's "page" and poking some fun at silly Accept posts :D

  11. Holy **** you actually look like I thought you would... in my sweet dreams and manifestions of night time pleasures :shifty:

    Erggh, sounded like Accept.

    But really, you look like I thought you would

  12. So, he's just a stalker? Makes sense.

  13. woops i messed up on that comment

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