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  1. Mods deleted my messege a shame. They allow pu$$ies like you to sit back and talk **** and don't allow to me say **** back aahahaha. Beef you ain't want none punk. I slam facts down your ignorant little punk a$$ and you tell me i'm a douchbag ahahahaah. Well you can keep using em for or mangina I don't care punk. You haven't comtributed **** I proved than nilhilus would just drain him instantly and he choked on it like a b!tch. Revans plan is what huh? What's he gunna do to a force god.
  2. Ahaha eye for an eye. Also I have girlS mate. So thank you for your incredible insight.
  3. Wow complete Revan fanboy. Kreia never said he could control wounds in the force but he could persuade others to follow him through force bonds and such. If any of this were true Revan would of just used Nilhilus to destroy the true sith threat. Whatever knowledge revan posses kreia most likley also posses and she could not control nilhilus or the exile. **** nilhilus drained her of her force instantly and sent her to exile. She even said there are tecniques within the force from which there is no defense. Nilhilus hunger would consume revan and it should be noted than Nilhilus can also force
  4. 1. What are you rambling about b!tch. What this punk meant to say was that he uses dougebags to clean out his mangina because he's a p#ssy. I back my **** up. You choke on **** while you talk b!tch. All you do is talk sh!t. Guess what b!tch i'm STILL RIGHT and your still wrong and your still giving it up to men for free. Get off my nuts your starting to get on my bad side. You wanna debate than debate like a man and stop getting on my nuts about things like a little girl. I have just as much right to express my opinion (which in this case is the truth) as anyone so back down.
  5. Nihilus would kill revan with the blink of any eye. The ONLY reason he was defeated is because his force slupr did not work on the Exile since the Exile is just like in him in ways and has been cut off from the force within the past. He exhausted himself here to become vurnable and was defeated by visas, The exile and mandalore combined and even then canically they just barley won. Visas even had to slow him down and fruther weaken him because she's his link. Nihilus was far more powerful than Revan but acted on instinct rather than wisdom unlike Revan. Nevertheless Nihilus was far more powerf
  6. LOTS of items were meant to be included in the game that were not included.
  7. Drinking **** loads of water and liquids Mega mass 4000 naNO Vapor Nitro-tech Hardcore No shotgun Sizeon Pills GAKIC Multivatimins fish oil Animal-M-stak X-factor Foods Everytype of fish known to man (not litrally) All meats breads peanuts and almonds veggies fruits
  8. Did those bacterias grow into a new creature? In the end they will ALWAYS (even after another 200 million years) remain bacteria. I already said I believe that creatures can evolve to a certain extent but it's not going to evolve into another creature. Bacteria is baceria is bacteria is bacteria and there is no way around that. When we witness within the next 100 million years that that same bacteria turned into a human or something than you have something. The human race will always be just that HUMANS. They will NEVER evolve into anything else but humans. Elephants will always be elephants t
  9. What's that new fish that was discovered that science said was sopposed to be dead for 65 million years....I think science made a SLIGHT miscalculation and ****ed up bad. You see we found a creature that we were told was dead because there were none existing to our knowledge to this day so scientist added them in a random peroid and said they were dead 65 million years to LIE. Evolution is a very smart lie but in the end that's all it is is a lie. Carbon dating miscalculates **** all the time and the oxygen during the days of the dinosaurs was so different and so was the atmosphere and it thro
  10. What kind of **** are we taught these days. All these mind sets. There are many things science still can't explain. Intellegant design makes a hell of alot more since. Yes guys we got traits from dust and evolved from dust. Dust created all this. If we don't have a spirit than science would pretty much say were robots and live only to produce more of our own kind. What makes more since? In the beginning there was dirt and dirt evolved into a bananna and passed on it's traits to us untill life evolved and the earth was able to sustain life and resources to keep life alive or in the begiining Go
  11. Evolution is random chance it does not have a mind. Why are creatures perfectly apapted to their habbitats than? They could of just as easily evolved into a stupid design into they all died. Tells me intellegent design. Cause that's the way they were created. Animals didn't evolve by chance (EVERY animal in the wolrd) to adapt to their habbitats and to such good surviving creatures. Even evolution itself teaches that earth is really a miracle because there is 1/10000 chance that life would evolve so perfectly. If you believe in pure luck that we just PERFECTLY evolved and every creature to be
  12. yes I believe in them. Anyone saying they don't exist have not exaimed all the evidence and CLEARLY the government has a large interest in them and considers them a huge threat. Even USA state mayors and such have said they have seen UFO's when they were told they don't exist. Millions of sighting in every country in the entire world...something is going on. '
  13. Bottom line is I think evolution is wrong but that's not to say I agree with creation either. I think that chuck norris might have created the universe with his round house kicks. http://www.religioustolerance.org/ev_noway.htm http://www.clarifyingchristianity.com/creation.shtml The media also never really tells you the evidence of creation such as the flood, noahs ark found, the place where the red sea was slip in two and alot more. I don't really know what I believe but I don't believe evolution.
  14. Dont talk when you dont know what your talking about. To the OP: You need to have handmaiden (or your female character) wearing the dancing outfit and in the party when you talk to him. Dance for him, he falls asleep, then put the juice in the bowl to put the hounds to sleep. =) To bad I am trying that right now and it's not working. Hmm YOU must be the one who doesn't know what he is talking about.
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