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  1. Sweet mother... are you a wizard? Where does one procure such bounties my good friend? p.s her haircut kind of sucks but I find her bewbies to be quite pleasant.
  2. How do you like the g2x? I'm thinking about getting one soon but I've never had a smart phone and I'm scared.
  3. I will hence forth keep an extra pair of trousers with me at all times.
  4. I went out for dinner last week with a friend from school. We have an interesting relationship. I trust her almost implicitly and apparently she feels the same way about me, but I have feelings reserved for her as well, though never expressed of course. At the same time, I have seen her outside of school on maybe two occasions and we don't really talk all that often but when we do its like magic. Anyways, we get coffee afterwards and she takes a deep breath and starts with a "So if we ever did anything sexual..." and I'm thinking holy balls this could be like the start of a beautiful relatio
  5. This summer I plan on doing quite a bit in the path to self actualization. Unfortunately I'm having some pretty serious social regression but honestly I kind of don't care anymore. I like being alone, sometimes...well 90% of the time. Anyways, I've already got a pretty legit lifting routine going but I'm really aiming for abs this summer so I'm going to adjust it to more full on olympic training like a beast. A bit more segmented than usual, so 4 days a week so I can do more heavy loads and more reps. Also adding in there a bunch of cardio and keeping my diet on lock down. I've gotten in
  6. A man's heart is a fickle beast my good guard dog. There was a time when I was an embittered naive youngin who sought only the warm sensual pleasures of a variety of kind hearted women. Unfortunately that hasn't changed. I do feel better though after writing that out and then doing some yard work and making bacon wrapped meatloaf smothered in a quasi bbq sauce. I need to stop thinking. It's not good for my health.
  7. I was out last night with a female. We had gotten dinner and then went for drinks. We decided to go to a nearby casino/hotel to do some gambling as I've never played table games before. As we are leaving the bar we exited onto a side road, completely deserted, stopped at a red light and apparently made an illegal U-turn once the arrow turned green. Not a segundo and a half later a cop mysteriously appears behind me from out of the ether. At this point I had had 3 or 4 drinks but this was over the course of 4 hours so I was completely sober. He gives me the nystagmus test, apparently I fai
  8. In the past I have justified continued existence by the hope of Mass Effect 3. Once that comes out... Well I'm sure by then there will be another game that I can put my dreams into.
  9. It's been many a moon since I have last updated you all, my good friends, but suffice to say I am alive and well, though I imagine no one really noticed my absence. I'll spare you all the details of the last month or two and all the gratuitous and sordid, sweaty.... love maneuverings. I am currently a busy man, worrying about work and school and finding women in which to spin in in my web, catching their naked bodies softly in my bed. Though I have to be honest that hasn't happened yet, we can't all be as proficient in pulling the proverbial trigger as my good man shryke. My home gym is ne
  10. This has not been a great week. Besides school/working 11 hours straight on Monday, over the weekend my paxil ran out and I'm still waiting on the doc to approve me for more refills. The withdrawals sucked. It's been pretty much all a haze but not quite fully debilitating yet; some nausea, extremely tired, general malaise, lack of concentration/thinking but worst of all if I made a movement my mind gets all confuzzled with dizziness/vertigo. Also some great sweating, hot/cold flashes, and some weird tings of "electricity." This was only day freakin 2 and a half. Luckily I went down to t
  11. Went running tonight. I'm supposed to add sprints into my routine and seeing as I don't have a gym membership as of last week I really have no excuse to not run since I've just been sitting on my ass. I'm really out of shape cardio/endurance wise but all in all not too shabby tonight. I wouldn't even speculate at a mile run time as it would be far too embarrassing to comprehend but I'm really just trying to build a base right now as I haven't done any sort of consistent running in probably over a year. School is going well, I suppose. Classes for the most part seem relatively easy bu
  12. I'm in a confusing labyrinth of choices; deliberating between dreams, reality, morality, what is most healthy and what will garner the most pleasure for my weiner. There are... feelings on the line, mostly just mine, all swirling around with no clarity or direction. There's who to choose, new people to pursue, who to drop, or just wait for even more options to present themselves? There are too many paths with no clear outcomes, investments that cannot be substantiated or broken down into a neat little quantitative graph. This is certainly not how I planned things. At least with lifting ca
  13. we can only hope my friend
  14. Quite a bit of wasted potential in this one. Liked: Comic-y enough to be interesting but not so outrageous to cause hatred Circus guild of heroes could be interesting Black circus leader guy, I liked him Dislike: Could use a bit more comic-y magic to amp things up to the next level and make it more "believable"... Pacing was beyond awful Migdet cussing - totally unnecessary, forced and broke immersion, in fact just this guy in general just pisses me off with bad acting Father/Son dynamic is rage inducing beyond infinite horizons perceptible to the cognitive limits of the
  15. Fifth Element. I don't think I ever watched the full movie when it first came out. Good stuff. The Fighter. Despite not having a whole lot of fighting, it was good. I usually dislike Wahlberg but this was good for him, he does well in those rough Boston type roles like the departed tho obviously this was no where near as good. Not a huge boxing fan and the story is simple but I was very pleased with how it turned out. Nice cast of characters and some great redemption.
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