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  1. that is the best song in the world. no doubt. i currently am listening to white stripes. they rock.
  2. i like all of the old nintendo songs. hehehe mario is awesome. zelda too. not really a soundtrack but still....
  3. i may change my pic to a turtle or something.... he'd prolly hit on that too

  4. yeah he is. creeeeeeeeepy

  5. karate chops krookies head off

  6. ....should i be scared???

  7. im kind of confused. that pics from like 4 years ago tho...

  8. woops i messed up on that comment

  9. if u want a stupid ones who wants to let someone call her superior than a man than go ahead. ggrrrrrrr

  10. ill consider the whole love thing if you take back the sexist comment

  11. oh got it.... never mind i was thinking of something else

  12. wait, whats a PM??? ( im not as retarded as u think...)

  13. your too prettty for me??? lol. well i dont remember us being best friends

  14. the sexist comment is in a message

  15. hey now. u did that urself with the sexist comment *glares*

  16. hes kinda creepy and sexist

  17. lol im leaving u a comment bc i was the only one on that forum that was like oh creationism and so i was all like yay! so um yeah.

  18. So we are at an impasse... that happaned sooo long ago lol I believe the major difference between religion and belief, is that religion has an absolute doctrine that is unchanging and cannot be proved upon... unlike science where its beliefs are self correcting, peer reviewed etc... Where as the bible cannot be, but i think the bible could be personally improved by sayings from basic philosophy, even saying something like though should not harm your children. I think you misunderstood. I mean there is religion, and then there is belief in a higher power, and the two are diff
  19. like i said... that proof isnt enough for me and mine wont be enough for u
  20. OMG. im getting a whif of deja vu. isnt this why we had to start a new thread. i doubt they're taking long on purpose. i think its cool that there doing it and maybe they want to have a life other than modding so i think that its great that someone is actually doing it and im pretty sure there not getting paid so they can slack all they want (which theyre not!) so i think we should all be positive and supportive !!!! everyone just be happy gosh darnit
  21. what i am trying to say is that if you have faith in God its obviously proof enough for you. im talking more about beliefs which we dont need to go into Faith is not proof. wow i've said like 40 times that this is basically a proofless subject. no ones gonna find proof that will prove anything to the other person. i said that for me, personally, faith is proof
  22. yep. i have work tho not as early. its 2:30 here. sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bight!!!! (im not high im just tired)
  23. If we used your logic gravity would also be called into question, as there is at least as much -if not more- evidence for evolution. oh boy u found evidence that works for u. u win!!! *gives cupcake*.... did u forget that i dont care anymore. u got ur cupcake, we're both obviously hard headed and bad at debating bc nothing was proved to the other
  24. like i said, lol, im gonna do something more worthwhile
  25. wow u know im tired when im bidding my farewells to ppl in a thread that ive been making my attempt at debating with for the past hr lol
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