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  1. Okay, I have posted here for a fairly long time and under both those accounts. I have been posting as Hades in a more or less doom, gloom, and antagonizing fashion. Posting in character, like Gromnir, Sargie, and the other guy with the V name, or at least I hope that is in character. Anyway, I need to stop. These aren't role play forums and in my wierd way I have been treating them as such so this is the end. I need to act and be true to my real self. Some of you might be celebrating, some of you might be crying, and some of you might not give a rat's ass. Oh well, thanks to Me
  2. True enough. Personally I think we need to foucs more on the living than worry about the death totals. Its just kind of morbid, you know.
  3. CNN, BBC, Fox News, AP services, and the like. Just google it.
  4. itistimetogetanewmousethen.ilikethenewthreebuttonopticalmice,butthatisjustme.iam onsideringgettingawirelessmouseandkeyboardonmynextpaydayormaybe newcontroller.
  5. *Holds up and juxtaposes London 2006 against London 1906* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Looks about the ame to me. The only reason why there ahs been so much more "danger" than before because of instant information. We know almost instantly if a car bomb goes off in Bagdad even though we are opposite side of the world. We now instantly if there is a massive earthquake that has the property damage in the billions even though we are nowhere near it. We are constantly bombarded with information, most of it about death, maimings, oppression, cruelty, riots, and whatnot it gives t
  6. Hey, I just woke up. Its hard to be all dreary and serious when you haven't finished your morning caffiene binge.
  7. Did someone mention the Pope? http://www.adamriff.com/images/battlepope1large.jpg Yes, the new pope with his slightly deviant sidekick... JESUS!
  8. That is easy. Just give them... A FLAME THROWER! Who would attack a woman that can make them into crispy critters?
  9. I would have gotten a X1900. Got mine on sell for $200 at Best Buy. You probably should look for more hard drive space. Everything else looks kickarse.
  10. This sort of behvior I cannot stand. Unrestrited access to information is a must for any society who wants to be considered proressive.
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