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  1. The fact that the factions in this game caused a three-page thread debate indicates that writing for Deadfire is pretty damn good. Thanks, Obsidian.
  2. Unfortunately the stupid part about this is that you *can't* use the food you purchase in the inn for your resting bonus. All you can do is buy it to be used when you're camping!
  3. The basis of the build is mainly to use monk to gain massive might buff through wounds to power the electricity. Not sure how rogue would work, but experiment and let us know!
  4. After some play: Can approve, 10/10, will zap the crap out of everything with lightning. Fun stuff.
  5. So I'm doing a new run of the game with two other interesting builds, and I want to round out the mix with a third character who will be a useful support character. My two other characters are: 1) Fury/Helwaker 2) Priest (Wael)/Bleak Walker I'd like a good build that can round out this mix by providing useful buffs/heals/summons. I have a stand-in right now of a Lifegiver/Troubador (healing+summons). Any suggestions?
  6. "Enemies always attack tank" also creates lazy play styles. Smarter enemies (higher INT), *should* be switching targets if they realize they're not breaking the tank. Enemies aren't stupid.
  7. Run your melee characters in, then run them out when they get targeted, allowing for free attacks? You don't *have* to stand in one place and let things hit you.
  8. They can't do damage if they're a) dead or b) not on the field. See Falk Sch├╝tze's post above.
  9. Yeah, but even if that's true... you would still get better mileage out of Troubador/Skald.
  10. Except that 2h weapons are still worse than any of: 1h, 1h+shield, dual-wield. So 2hs apparently suck even more than I thought.
  11. 1) There's no magic like you think there is, not in Eora. EVERYTHING is powered by souls, or using pieces of souls, in some way. 2) Different abilities in different classes use soul powers in different ways. Highlight word here: Ability. 3) Perhaps you need to reconsider your 1980s-based wizard/magic D&D-style stereotype?
  12. After the 1.1 patch, I am unable to load Hasongo; I am returned to the main menu with an error. See attached file for save game and output log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrhzfjptgyla6by/POE2_bug.rar?dl=0
  13. With 1.1, Beckoners now have +1 phrases to summon instead of -1 phrases ; and lose abjuration immunity. As far as I'm concerned this ends the usefulness of Beckoners as a subclass. Relative to base class, Beckoners get twice the number of creatures per summon, but they are weaker and don't last as long. And they take longer to get out on the field thanks to the +1 phrase to summon change. Relative to Skald, the same as above applies; but Skald can put out offensive invocations earlier and get some return on phrases from critical hits. Relative to Troubadour, Chanters have the same +1 penalty, but Troubadours can crank out phrases much faster due to Brisk Recitation, and therefore get summons out quickly; and have more versatility if not using Brisk Recitation. The only raw 'advantage' to Beckoners now is a numeric double of the summoned creatures, but this is offset by the reduced duration and strength. I don't find this to be a superior advantage. Beckoners also have lost the situational abjuration immunity. Obsidian, I understand the desire to balance, but this is not how you do it. If you wanted a meaningful balance/nerf, that would have been to drop -1 phrases to 0 phrases to summon (i.e, same as base class) and leave the abjuration immunity in place.
  14. Certain weapon modals completely remove other passive effects. For example: Rapier modal gives +20 accuracy. If this is enabled, neither the Fighter's buff from Warrior Stance, nor the Paladin aura buff of Zealous Focus will apply.
  15. > Illusive Spell: 0% chance to cast random Illusion spell on target on scoring Hit Uh... what?
  16. The game is isometric, not 3D; and all modern video cards are optimized for 3D rendering. This should not be surprising. You gotta be kidding, right? The perspective doesn't change the fact that the models are three-dimensional (with dynamic lighting and shadows). The problem with the performance only manifests itself when there are a lot of NPCs and/or creatures on the map (just like Defiance Bay in the original). Obsidian can't handle Unity. The models may be 3D, but they're certainly not using the same triangle count as other titles, nor is the majority of the scene changing all the time. The background art is mostly static with some effects like moving water, wind, weather. You are not seeing the type of scene changes you get in, say, Witcher 3 or Fallout 4, which needs to render things with large z-spaces. Dynamic lighting and shadows have been going on for a long time, too. Hardware T&L has been standard on graphics cards since 2001. Obsidian may not be doing well with Unity, but it's also incorrect to fault them for your high-powered graphic card not making a huge difference; it's just not what the manufacturers are building and optimizing for. My GTX 1060 shows fairly effective use; it runs around 50-75% during most gameplay. The 1060 is not the newest generation, so the newest ones should work fine. My i5-4690k hasn't exceeded 70% on any cores during game play.
  17. Yeah this is confusing. From the description I expect a flat -25% reduction in recovery, to 0% at best.
  18. The game is isometric, not 3D; and all modern video cards are optimized for 3D rendering. This should not be surprising.
  19. I think you guys need better cooling. My i5 only gets to about 50C, and that's on all high settings.
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