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Found 6 results

  1. As title says. I just realized I have actually no idea how attibutes penalties on enemies works. My guess is only the highest would apply.
  2. Hello guys, So I am not ok with actual stacking rules, you know that since the time. And I am perfectly ok with that. I can do with that and keep my opinion for me... Except for one thing... So zealous focus is supressed by Priest and/or fighter. OK. No problem, I do with that. Balthazar switch on the other aura for adaptation ! Squalala ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r2HRgYrmgQ Obsidian WANTS my switch, this is the reason of this package of 3 elements ? So I test an other aura... But... What...? Also here ? So... No... Focus : No. Endurance : No. So... I must pick the most useless of the 3 auras ? : p : p So, yes I don't understand this choice. The first excuse is : No Balthazar, there is a RED LINE in character creation panel : Multiclass are not recommanded for beginners. But... Excuse-me but... here ? Stoic steel is also Paladin, like zealous endurance ? 2 abilities in the ssame class we are OK ? So why, there is also a problem here ? EDIT : Visibly Hardy supress the aura. More seriously, you understand my approach : since the beginning : Stacking rules are a non-sense. It is not logical, and it is not interresting. PS : It is not my character here, but an ugly hired for few tests : p
  3. I don't know if it's how the rules work, if it's a bug, or just me not using the interface right so I'm asking this here: Ezren's Expanded Spellbook lets him try to draw a spell each time he uses an Arcane spell. But when he uses a spell that's displayed for the turn (like stat boosts or mirror image), it doesn't really work. I think that I sometimes get to use that power when the spell is recharged at the end of his turn (never at the end of someone else's turn). Shouldn't Ezren get to use the Expanded Spellbook when he casts the spell, rather than when it ends? Similarly, if I use an attack spell, I don't get to draw until after the fight is finished and I'm doing the recharging roll, which is a problem when the upcoming card was an Armor spell that I'd have needed.
  4. As reported in this beta thread, the weapon War Razor +1 will cause the encounter check to get a +4 difficulty if the character is not proficient with weapons. This does not seem right as the text of the card does not indicate such a penalty.
  5. Hey, everyone. Please keep this forum clear of any Backer Beta discussion. Only use this forum for any bug or support issues you may be having with the Backer Beta. Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.
  6. Hey, so, surely you guys remember BG2's opening main quest - "raise X amount of money to proceed". I think it was 20k gold. Now, while BG2 is not my favorite RPG and the quest was appropriately blunt, this made my first playthrough SO very immersive. Suddenly, even silly fetch quests had a purpose! Since I have a knack for playing on hella-hard the first time around, I even had to postpone resolving that quest because I wanted to buy one more item (I think it was a helmet at Ribald's). That gave us a third layer beyond XP and wanting to experience the content. And the content experiencing bit fades after the second and third playthrough, obviously. So I propose to make money relevant, even moreso than in BG2. XP and money and in the case of the Fallouts reputation are things you expect to get for deeds well done. The first two, however, usually tend to be rather gamey. I always assume it's because it's the oxygen of RPG staples and designers don't think they have to put any more effort into it - after all, it's already been done and NOT HAVING IT would not be an option because people would explode with confusion. Why can I not bribe my way through more quests? I'm not talking "I'll talk if you give me five coppers" but amounts that matter to me. It's a Mass Effect semi-interactive-space-opera-click-to-win-dialog-option-non-choice if I know that 5 coppers will net me progress. It doesn't hurt me and makes me always pick that option, because why gamble on a Charisma roll if I can just spend money I don't need anyway. Why are the encounters with bandits that want 100gp to let you pass always the easy ones? Imagine Kangaxx level difficulty in one of those encounters, but with a band of Serbian war criminals instead of ~Oliver Twist and his incompetent band of louts~, and money would change hands right quick. Of course the encounter should be surmountable, but it should rarely be a no-brainer to keep your money. Has anyone here ever given money to ruffians like that, short of maybe in the beginning of Arcanum with a stupid, clumsy AND weak character? I guess what I'm complaining about is a certain betrayal of the otherwise beautiful, immersive worlds people create. There's never a shortage of poverty and greed in dialog or character design if it helps paint the setting, but that's only half the equation. As long as the money the player has comes from the same common pool as the money the poorest lack and the richest bathe in, the concept of need and/or greed dictates that Player should feel the value of it.
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