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  1. Shoot, that reminds me that I saw another weapon which stated "If proficient with weapons, add 4 to the difficulty of the test". Unfortunately, I didn't write down which weapon it was so I'll have to watch out for it.
  2. As reported in this beta thread, the weapon War Razor +1 will cause the encounter check to get a +4 difficulty if the character is not proficient with weapons. This does not seem right as the text of the card does not indicate such a penalty.
  3. Okay, after having gotten a bit further in the game, I am guessing I can see how the Kickstarter NPCs show up in game. That is actually pretty impressive. A nifty little mechanic to get dozens of characters in the game with a bit of backstory/description without derailing the actual game plot-line. I still think it might be really neat to have a thread that people can point out their NPC and where they are found in game. I guess since this forum is being shut down soon though, it would have to be in another one..
  4. Well I'm having fun playing so far, but I'm still worried about whether I'll see any trace of the NPC that I specified in the backer survey. No mention of him in the strategy guide's list of Friends and Foes. I poked Obsidian a couple of times via Kickstarter comments and e-mail but never heard back any confirmation that they were happy with the NPC description. I don't know if he will eventually turn up in there somewhere, or if he will be just a random background character whose name was changed, or if he was just left out entirely. Has anyone else who backed at the NPC levels seen th
  5. Very exciting, and I also hope to see something by GenCon if not before.
  6. Same thing happening to me too. It is consistently 4 damage instead of 13, but the rogue archer basically mows through my entire party hitting each one with Deep wounds which is doing five or six activations of 4 damage per character action, leading to a very quick death for all of them.
  7. Exact same problem here. Would a save game upload help? I've started from a save point in the Dyfor Crossing three times now, and each time, after my first skirmish with beetles, the fighter no longer responds to commands effectively breaking the game since I can't leave the map area without him coming to the border.
  8. It seems odd to me that the flavor text description for elves describe their speed and intellect, but the boosted stats are dex and perception, while the flavor text description for the godlike mentions only their magical powers but their boosted stats include intellect.
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