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  1. I have all the alt characters I should have, but do not have the dice that are also supposed to come with that pack. I can't buy them, as it says to buy the pack, but I already own it on Steam. Bleh.
  2. Ok, here's my problem... A. First of all, should I be signing into both with Asmodee login before linking? B. When I sign in to Asmodee on iPad, I do NOT have a link to Desktop (it's greyed out, but Android and iOS are available) C. When I don't sign in to Asmodee first, I do have the link to Desktop, but when I follow the steps provided, and I add the credentials on Steam, it says "Error! Invalid PFID". I've tried this multiple times, tried resetting in case it timed out, etc. 99.9% certainty I'm entering values correctly. Edit: The Asmodee accounts are already linked. So, NOT loggi
  3. Ditto. Same bug here. Story progression completely halted here. Nothing surprising in comparison to other reports of same bug.
  4. It's not on "any" blessing, just the Norgorber ones. It's right there on the 'check to acquire' on the right. It's on the card, thus it seems 'as expected' is valid. Since you encountered it, it's going to be in your gallery/vault, so you should be able to inspect it there to see.
  5. It's not on "any" blessing, just the Norgorber ones. It's right there on the 'check to acquire' on the right. It's on the card, thus it seems 'as expected' is valid.
  6. I've found several that aren't salvageable. Will provide more info later on which specifically; but, I can't find any rhyme or reason to what decides if something's salvageable or not. Rarity seems to be a factor, but not the only, as some common can't be, but all (I think) epic can't be.
  7. Yep. Hit level 22, progress agrees that I should have gotten a skill feat, but I did not. Verify they have only 2 per character when they should have 3. It takes a considerable amount of time to level, and then to miss out on an important reward of any type... and from what I've seen with the card feat "fix" prior, there's no way to retroactively provide the rewards. I'm not doing that all again just to potentially lose it all again. 6 characters missing a skill feat. I used to be an advocate. Now I just think I'm done.
  8. "You may play another blessing on this check" I don't find Favor of Norgorber to be inferior in the least.
  9. The first thing that comes to mind is that you need to be online and make sure you're connected to your appropriate GooglePlay or Gaming Center session (it shows you on the top left of the start screen if you are or not)
  10. Playing HCtF (normal) with Amiri, Kyra, Seoni. Total number of locations is 5. The total number of extra allies added should also be 5 (1 per). Number of allies per location normally: 0 - Woods 1 - Academy 3 - Village House 2 - Turtleback Ferry 2 - Waterfront 8 total. 8 for locations + 5 for scenario = 13. However, in this setup, for the status is says "Acquired : 0 out of 15", rather than 13. I've beat the game this scenario having acquired 7 allies, which would win vs. 13, and lose vs. 15. I did get the reported bug of the game seeming to win, but not getting the al
  11. Even more interesting, when the ghost came back up in the deck, it DID work. The first time it didn't work, my combat check was simply swiping the dice (extra die for turn undead was present). The roll was plenty high enough and I took no damage, but ghost was not defeated. I rolled a 16. The second time it did work, I changed the dice type from Divine to Combat. I decided it wasn't high enough and used a Blessing of Calistria from Amiri to help the check. Playing the blessing changed the check type back to Divine, but I only realized it once I was already in motion to swipe the dice, whi
  12. Interesting, I just came here to report that it wasn't working with the ghost. Any chance you were using a magic weapon or spell vs. ghost? Either way, I've successfully confirmed that Magic trait isn't being considered with ghost or spectre (and thus, likely, not at all).
  13. You just get the same small 'character icon' window that you get if you move to another location. In this window there's an X that allows you to decline moving other people. If you do this at your location - I believe it should leave your Move power button active - you then just press the End Turn button to essentially skip the power (rather than 'canceling' it) Amiri is broken for me as well, as of 1.0.3. That character select dialogue box no longer shows after 1.0.3, when it definitely did prior. I cannot move anyone either to my location if stationary, or with me if I move to anothe
  14. Sigh... The Warchanter. This actually is working as intended. We went through many iterations trying to find a balance between gameplay flow and power. Edit: ok, I see Hawkmoon's response. Looks like there was a fairly recent adjustment (April 2015) to "you". And if you are THE Hawkmoon, it's awesome to see you here
  15. My guess is that you may have been using a weapon with a "if not proficient, add 4 to the difficulty of the check" clause with someone who isn't proficient with weapons initially (this happens to me EVERY TIME with Merisiel)
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