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  1. Great seems like new expansion packs are due from reading this thread. I think bugs doesn't do any one , developer or players , any good so I'm prepared to wait abit for quality assurance due process .
  2. Can't see the Dropbox pic on my iPad but for the curious if you stack up enough die you will find the game running out of screen estate and the subsequent die stacking up in the middle . I don't know if those funny stacked die resolve correctly but I don't remember setting new high scores though whenever I tried it !
  3. The magga is hopefully by now a known bug after having being reported by myself first ages ago on these boards I think. Just treat it as a villain boas for now and expect to clear the locations the boas style. I cannot be certain for the life of me if I had such a setup like magga plus 7 boas in questmode before ( I thought I did having vague memory of magga and all 7 spots closed but it's been a while) but just as with most of the locking-up bugs inducing forfei, just have to forfeit and run another game .
  4. Great post made more impressive it was written under the mighty power of tequila. Easier said than done! Also a good tip regarding Ambush. Yeah, it makes the combat a little more difficult, but I've won games because I was able to dig down to a key villain/henchman when running low on time. Well, I had another power write up coming regarding ezren and some other tidbits but I'm glad the tequila stopped me from posting more. especially the bit about ezren who can morph into game breaking godmode. Still I hope this help folks who want to consistently beat scenarios in legendary in 6 man
  5. Contrary to what you may have believed or envisioned for questmode at higher tier, locations variety actually dwindled or in fact you are just playing with the base or tier B locations. You get more boss variation but this is an instance I actually do not think more variety of the lower tier is actually good for game challenge. I don't imagine black fang and it's ancient skeleton as excitable encounter just about every odd rerun of scenario at tier 4
  6. Seeing little by way of gameplay guide on this board, I'd like to present some of the gameplay tricks I'd used in my games so far. The game is pretty balanced in that you can probably finish the game with any party that strike your fancy that said, there are some characters that's inherently more suited for the more demanding set of game conditions. If you are a veteran player or a semi casual player who isn't quite interested in the meta gaming , feel free to skip by. If you are a player who like to get a measure of the game on your own terms like I am, please note this could be a spoiler of
  7. Hmm lots of post on this very issue in this very section, even right the day after 1.03 .
  8. Yea some sort of eta even a loose one will do. After ap5, ap6 ? After all bugs ironed out ?
  9. Re: location cards if you haven't played tier 3 lv30-40 you will find that, when you do , the locations in ap1,and 2 which you do get in random scenarios in 1.02 lv20-30 are missing.not only are the new ap3 locations off the menu but the previously accessible ap1 and 2 locations are mysteriously gone. At lv40 I'm just dealing with location cards from deck B every single rerun I play through. When I'm expecting shimmer glen etc even bugged as it is currently. it seemed to me that locations cards from the new ap3 weren't introduced properly into quest mode Next wildcard powers conflicts
  10. If I remember right if you add the wand to combat check after other die ramping , and then decide it's overkill and want to take off other die, the wand kind of warp the computation of the dice on table. Or if u simply click the cancel button, everything including the wand falls back into your hand but your integer modifier to that combat check gets a -2 and its permament until you resolve that check. The net effect attempting to reset the dice sizing with that wand already involved is a deficit to your base roll for that check
  11. Great to see some of you chilling and enjoying the weekend in your own ways. I had one of those days when the gritty side of life caught up and you got to deal with it . Made a few trips to the vet to get my cat sorted. By the looks of some of the hobbies you guys have I'm the real nerd here and I could only dream of doing stuff like hiking and biking I have the typical Crpg gaming history some of which were classic shaped by the hands of obsidian such as nwn 2, kotor2 and some mainstream mmorpg. I'm being frank when I have no idea what those games you guys mentioned are really and someti
  12. For some background on what this post is about , please read my thread here. Between the hosts of missing locations and various game bugs, please forgive me if I say I get the impression the questmode wasn't really ready to roll out in 1.03. Specifically for the missing spells though, I find it easier to think it's been omitted as an oversight against the various things I'd seen in questmode , rather than to think it's been purposefully retrofitted as Deck 4 spells. Because that is what it is if we only get the spells in tier 5. I don't know about you but rebalancing a deck 2 card to 4 is
  13. No pic , else this post wouldn't exist No swipe, no haste present at up to tier 4 . Something isnt right with quest mode in a big olfactory manner and you know it. Please include it in Ina fix thank you.
  14. Everyone's favorite serpentine pal probably wasn't given the attention for its exclusivity in questmode hmm. 2 main bugs with her 1) forces check to restrict attack spell usage despite pointed lack of any motive or ability for character to do so. See pic 2) after beating its combat check, black magga exhibits startling sneakiness that belie its humongous size apparently as it vanishes without so much as a trace and fanfare, in stark contrast to its grand and thoroughly enjoyable introduction in story mode. Not only that, it left the adventurers bewildered when the closing screen and th
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