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  1. Ok so i remade seelah just to see if ceaseless crusade would work on a new version and it's still not working at the end of the turn on every level and difficulty. Hope this can be fixed as I don't really want to restart my current party for the 3rd time due to an update. I am running the game on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.5. PFID- F8DFCA6A3EAIDC44
  2. Yeah I know how to use her ability, it was working just fine before the new patch update. Now in both my story and quest versions of her, when you tab to do it before ending your turn, the game skips right over it. It's made her unplayable.
  3. Just tried two different levels and it's still not working at the end of the turn.
  4. Just loaded the new patch and tried out a game on battle of the dam, seelah' s ceaseless crusade didn't work at the end of the turn the whole game. Going to see if it works on other levels.
  5. So I believe they were a party that I started in quest mode for maybe one or two times just to see how they would work together. As far as story mode goes I have completed up to the skinsaw murders in herionic and was about to start on legendary, but couldn't hold out on hook mountain any more. Perils and offerings are done on all difficulty levels.
  6. Made a fast video to show the problem. https://youtu.be/gWQIs5kAj2c
  7. Yeah I am not sure what happened but I have every feat selected that is available. I took two pictures with my phone but not sure how to add them to this thread.
  8. So I just finished playing the battle at the dam and for winning you get to pick a power feat. The problem is that the party I am playing has all the feats available and now I can't get by the selection screen for a new feat. Has this happened to anyone or anyone know a way around picking the feat?
  9. Just want to know if anyone had any ideas when this will happen? Sorry if this was asked in a different thread but I have yet to see it. Thanks
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