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  1. You can click the "delay turn" button which is next to the "end turn" button.
  2. There is a log being produced if you look at your saved games folder (if you're running on steam/android)
  3. Can't have any bugs if you don't do any programming. Game's bug free!
  4. Any more details on this? Trying to reproduce it.. but everything seems to be working normally?
  5. After a year... this will be fixed in the next content patch. Sorry for the delay guys, I guess this got buried NOTE: restarting the game allows you to progress.
  6. 99 little bugs in the code. 99 little bugs in the code. Take on down, patch it around. 127 bugs in the code... Thanks guys! This will be fixed in the next content patch
  7. Get gud. I mean... Thanks for the bug report! You might have been the first
  8. Heroic and Legendary achievements are currently not on mobile, we hope to fix this in the next patch. As for the Devouring Trident, it has been verified and has been added to our bug queue so expect this to be fixed in the next patch as well Thanks!
  9. Trident bug verified and added to the queue Thanks! As for the Valeros DLC items, you can find them when you repair your deck in the "Collection" tab in the deck management screen.
  10. 1. This bug has been confirmed fixed and is slated for the next patch 2. Added to the queue Thanks!
  11. Unable to reproduce on our dev environment, so this is most likely fixed in the next patch Thanks!
  12. Thanks, verified and added to the queue! Going back and trying to verify more bugs, a bit busy nowadays @.@
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