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Found 12 results

  1. Wondering if anyone is having issues completing Achievements/Trophies? I am on PC using Game-Pass and trying to unlock the Achievement called "Got Your Back" Which requires you to kill 50 Enemeies using a Companions Skill. I am currently stuck on 2% Complete and regardless of which Enemies or People I kill nothing increases the Bar. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Hi i can't unlock Explorer and zero k.o. achievement. In the first case i have done all the quest and i have explored everything in the base game (i don't have WM expansion pass) In the second case i did a run with a rogue without any k.o. (in the party and personal stats i have none and 0)
  3. Description: I was exiting one of the dungeons on one of the unnamed islands. I usually name the island after the dungeon name on the island. I couldn't see the name of the dungeon because the name Island dialog came up. I canceled out of it thinking that I could still name it afterwords. I tried entering the dungeon again and exiting but was never prompted to name the island. I have visited every island and completed the dungeon and have no unlocked the naming Island achievement I believe because of this. I now have no way of ever getting that on my current save game because I saved af
  4. Hi all, I am a returning player and finally decided to tackle the hardest achievements this game has to offer before moving to Deadfire. I have seen Wodjee's Ultimate run with a rogue and found genuinely cool although I am more inclined of doing it with a cipher. The builds I've found seem to be somewhat out-dated or not suitable for soloing let alone The Ultimate Achievement. So my questions as of now are the following: 1) At the current actual state of the game is it easier to achieve Ultimate with a rogue or a cipher? 2) It'd be very interested in correspond
  5. Good day, can someone give me save game before getting of "moderate pacifism" achievement? it needs to do less then 175 kill for game, but i cant do it cause want complete full game again and that need much more kills
  6. Hello there, I've been playing Pathfinder Adventures, and have completed all the Rise of the Runelords adventures in Heroic and Legendary difficulty. As far as I know, there are two Google Play achievements related to that feat (Heroic Victory and Legendary Tale) but, unfortunately, they haven't updated. I have completed as well both A Fighter's Tale: Valeros and Burn Everythings! in Legendary mode, and those achievements updated properly. I would like to know if there's any chance to get those achievements updated. My nick is Feth #5908. Thank you very much. The next issue is in r
  7. Hi Guys, First of all, let me thank you Obsidian for releasing such an awesome game, that probably makes everyone like me (former player of Infinity engine based RPGs) being able to step by back into childhood by playing this kind of wonderful games ! I stopped playing Pillars Of Eternity like a year ago, until I learnt about backers campaign on DeadFire, which just made me want to play it again ! (By the way, I personally do not care about the actual Deadfire release date, but please try to polish this game as much as you can : it's just going be an awesome game !) After getting
  8. Hello! I haven't been playing the game online until recently, so this may be related to the issue I have. Aside from the 'Create an adventurer' achievement, none of the other ones have been recognized. I've already hit act 3 with different saves (repeated, now soloing at act 2) and none of the ones I qualify for (the crafting ones, got all companions, all stronghold updates) are showing up. I have not used any console commands whatsoever. Savegame + Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k92drjjhlo3ppx/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20Saved%20Game.zip?dl=0 Hope this can be resolved, I do
  9. So I have 2, possibly 3, achievements bugged on Steam. And before you say console commands, it's not that. I never used "iroll20s," and I got achievements all the way up to finishing the game. The first is the "All Upgrades in Stronghold" achievement. I currently do have them all built, but at one point, I "auto-resolved" a bandit attack which led to one of my upgrades getting destroyed. Maybe the bug has to do with this? *SPOILERS FOR DRAGONS* The second is "Kill All the Dragons." I have killed the Sky Dragon, the Adra Dragon, Cail the Silent (the dragon in the cave in Searing Falls),
  10. At the moment, I am trying to finish the game as pazifist. I figured I play this solo, since fighting isn't that important. You are allowed to kill 175 enemies and while I think that's doable, I also think you need to pick some selected fights to get experience on your way. The critical path depends a bit on your stealth, the higher it is, the less enemies you have to fight. But I think it's worth the tradeoff to dump a bit stealth and raise other skills instead. I every area, there are a lot of treasures and traps you can sneak up. This helps with loot as well with experience. Cil
  11. Hi adventurers! I am very happy to share with you my new victory: After finishing the game Solo in normal mode 1 week ago (remember HERE), I finally achieved the Game in Solo and Path of the Damned! http://i.imgur.com/wkUDqTgh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/88bFM8yh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bvGFuiKh.jpg I achieved this with a Rogue once again, with a Retribution / Tank build. I you guys are intrested, I will make a post to explain the detail of my full build and the strat I used to defeat this last boss! Triple Crown solo, here I come Did some of you manage to finish t
  12. I need to grab a bunch of new t-shirts (as happens about once a year), and an idea struck me. Why doesn't steam offer t-shirts for sale, emblazoned with achievements you actually have? And ONLY those achievements you actually have?
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