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  1. I tried starting a new game and using the IE mod, unlocked the stronghold and built all of the buildings. Still no achievement popped up. I can also confirm the 1200 kills achievement pops up as soon as you get that 1200th kill. Though I have heard of some people with that achievement glitching. EDIT: Just noticed there's a topic about the upcoming 1.04 patch. It should be addressing both the stronghold and dragon issue.
  2. So I have 2, possibly 3, achievements bugged on Steam. And before you say console commands, it's not that. I never used "iroll20s," and I got achievements all the way up to finishing the game. The first is the "All Upgrades in Stronghold" achievement. I currently do have them all built, but at one point, I "auto-resolved" a bandit attack which led to one of my upgrades getting destroyed. Maybe the bug has to do with this? *SPOILERS FOR DRAGONS* The second is "Kill All the Dragons." I have killed the Sky Dragon, the Adra Dragon, Cail the Silent (the dragon in the cave in Searing Falls), Drakes, Young Drakes, and the Shadow Drakes. All but Cail show up in my bestiary, but named creatures don't go in the bestiary anyways. I've heard that only the Sky, Adra and Cail count for the achievement, so I should have it. The only thing I can think of was when I went back to the Adra Dragon after betraying it to the Dragon Hunter, it wasn't hostile and talking to it just said something about it being weakened. I had to force attack to kill it. Still got the bestiary entry and the end slide about it's death, though. The final achievement is "Explorer." I've gone into every building and every map I can think of. According to the Prima Digital Guide, I've gone thorugh every side quest (except the Doemenel and the Dozen quests, since I chose the Crucible Knights), but I don't think they have extra maps that are only accessible for their routes. The patch notes did say that the achievement now checks for 152 areas instead of 160 so I feel like I should be even more likely to have "Explorer." Maybe we could have a statistic for how many areas we've seen on the party records? That could help with pinpointing whether you've got a bug or just haven't explored enough yet. I tried uploading my game save for reference, but I keep getting a "No file was selected for upload" error. Oh well. I know these achievements have already been called out by people as bugged, but I thought I'd add my experience onto the pile and hopefully help get them fixed. If anyone has some tips, let me know!
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