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  1. I tried starting a new game and using the IE mod, unlocked the stronghold and built all of the buildings. Still no achievement popped up. I can also confirm the 1200 kills achievement pops up as soon as you get that 1200th kill. Though I have heard of some people with that achievement glitching. EDIT: Just noticed there's a topic about the upcoming 1.04 patch. It should be addressing both the stronghold and dragon issue.
  2. So I have 2, possibly 3, achievements bugged on Steam. And before you say console commands, it's not that. I never used "iroll20s," and I got achievements all the way up to finishing the game. The first is the "All Upgrades in Stronghold" achievement. I currently do have them all built, but at one point, I "auto-resolved" a bandit attack which led to one of my upgrades getting destroyed. Maybe the bug has to do with this? *SPOILERS FOR DRAGONS* The second is "Kill All the Dragons." I have killed the Sky Dragon, the Adra Dragon, Cail the Silent (the dragon in the cave in Searing Falls),
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