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The Ultimate Achievement : One Rogue to rule them all !

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Hi Guys,


First of all, let me thank you Obsidian for releasing such an awesome game, that probably makes everyone like me (former player of Infinity engine based RPGs) being able to step by back into childhood by playing this kind of wonderful games !


I stopped playing Pillars Of Eternity like a year ago, until I learnt about backers campaign on DeadFire, which just made me want to play it again ! (By the way, I personally do not care about the actual Deadfire release date, but please try to polish this game as much as you can : it's just going be an awesome game :w00t: !)


After getting back to Pillars of Eternity, I realized that made a lot of different runs that cover most aspects of the game, until I learnt about "The Ultimate" achievement that is probably the only thing that I was missing. So I decided to try it out ! Of course I could not try it with something else than a rogue, because it has always been my favorite class ! To push it a bit farther I decided to start the achievement with 3 base constitution and tried to do the run with the mindset of reducing its overall duration  as much as I could (the idea behind it, was to allow some of you to try it without spending too much time). 


After countless (really countless) hours of strategy fine tuning, I can proudly announce that I could get it done. You can find the full run on YouTube :


-- Do not watch it if you don't want to get spoiled! --



The full run lasts about 10 hours. You will be able to see that the idea was to avoid fights as much as possible to save some time and also try to work on pulling from fights only what is necessary to get the achievement. The goal of putting very low constitution as a rogue is to be able to kill opponents before they can actually hit you back ! I tried to apply splitting strategy on most fights, because as a rogue you can land very high damage but mainly on a single enemy.


I hope you will enjoy watching it. If you try it by yourself and get stuck at some point, don't hesitate to ask for advices !


Let me know if you could get "The Ultimate" achievement by following it !



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Caught this another thread and was pretty happy when I found it. I know rogues don't get much love in this game but I've always loved mine. Good job! This must've taken much patience and willpower!


Indeed a lot of patience and willpower, but when you love, you don't count  :p

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Well played!


I wonder if there is any way to repeat this without using a weapon to stun and prone?


I would not say it is impossible, but it will greatly reduce your chances to lock down enemies. As I'm starting with 3 constitution, my heatlh is very low. As long as you lock down enemies, the probability to get hit is low. Once you get Sap ability, this becomes less useful, except against Alpine Dragon who is immune to stuns.


It also help you to have more often two debuffs that counts for Deathblows.


So probably doable, but you may have to restart more often from the very begining if you get killed because you could not lock down enemies (Trial of Iron for the win !)

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Looks like some of you are trying the run and get blocked along the way.


I just released a video showing off a few tries on Nalrend fight. 


Don't hesistate to ask for more if you get stuck at some point !

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Did the Nalrend bounty a few hours ago with an ultimate barb (lvl 16 with dual hammers and durgan steel). Went smoothly - due to Cape of the Master Mystic (never was positioning for Heart of Fury that easy) and two potions of Major Recovery. Those Knockdowns are unbearable otherwise...

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yeah well already a bit easier at level 16 :dancing: . But yeah those knowdowns are hard to handle even more if you get fully locked down for too long ... But I can't blame enemies for that, I'm doing the same. I imagine them in tavern drinking beers and saying the same about us locking them down until death  :no:

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Major kudos for this. Simply achieving The Ultimate is damn impressive, but doing it with a Rogue adds another layer.


Well I've never played something else than rogues, so I cannot really compare  :no:

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