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  1. Caught this another thread and was pretty happy when I found it. I know rogues don't get much love in this game but I've always loved mine. Good job! This must've taken much patience and willpower!
  2. I don't know if this is my imagination or not but I'll sometimes go through my old saves and delete the ones I don't really need or want and my loading times aren't too bad on my standard hd. The only reason why I feel the loading times are somewhat excusable is because the game is just too damn good and the artwork is great.
  3. There is also the Quick Switch talent that helps you switch grimoires faster. What I like to do with Aloth (or with any wizard really) is have a damage book, a melee book, and a control book. Most of the time I use Wizards for control but when I feel like mixing it up I bust out the melee grimoire and go to town. What I've found is in this game the companions may not have optimal attributes for say PotD but they are well rounded for the other difficulties. I've played with Durance in scale armor with a sword using his Magran talent. No shield, just a sword and he does great.
  4. I like how every little thing in the game has a description from the shiny new flail you get to the first springberry you pick. This game has turned me into a obsessive reader of Pillars of Eternity. In my first play through I would gleefully jump at the opportunity to grab a book from a shelf in a room somewhere and read what it had to say. And now that I'm almost 300 hundred hours into this game I'm still reading lore I must've forgotten and enjoying it just like the very first time I played. The only downside is I'm craving more of it.
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