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  1. Well I've never played something else than rogues, so I cannot really compare
  2. Yeah well already a bit easier at level 16 . But yeah those knowdowns are hard to handle even more if you get fully locked down for too long ... But I can't blame enemies for that, I'm doing the same. I imagine them in tavern drinking beers and saying the same about us locking them down until death
  3. In trial of Iron mode, once you jumped inside the pit, you cannot go back because it will not generate automatically the savegame "Burial Isle (PRE-ENGAME)" as it usually does when you are not on Trial of Iron mode. Hope this helps.
  4. Looks like some of you are trying the run and get blocked along the way. I just released a video showing off a few tries on Nalrend fight. Don't hesistate to ask for more if you get stuck at some point !
  5. As you can't AoE your enemies to death with a rogue, you can always try to sneak up behind them
  6. I was making fun of it anyway. The thing is if you really wanted to know which one is the "best" class of this game, you should evaluate every situation and its occurence within the game and analyze performance of every class in these situations, compile all the data in an big excel file and set a ranking out of it to define which is the overall best one ! But I guess noone will ever take the time to do it . And still you can interpreter statics in many different ways. Maybe Obsidian is somehow using such kind of data in order to "balance" classes between each others. So this thread i
  7. So according to your perception, It means I got The Ultimate achievement in less than 10 hours run with the weakest class (by far) of the game ... /hurray !
  8. If you want to get some inspiration about how to handle a solo play as a rogue, you can have a look at my run to get The Ultimate achievement. You can find the full run on the following link :
  9. I would not say it is impossible, but it will greatly reduce your chances to lock down enemies. As I'm starting with 3 constitution, my heatlh is very low. As long as you lock down enemies, the probability to get hit is low. Once you get Sap ability, this becomes less useful, except against Alpine Dragon who is immune to stuns. It also help you to have more often two debuffs that counts for Deathblows. So probably doable, but you may have to restart more often from the very begining if you get killed because you could not lock down enemies (Trial of Iron for the win !)
  10. Helm - None as I picked up Godlike race. Tunic - Äru-Brekr for first part of the run, because I like every move speed boost and I think it is a good trade off between resistance without a losing too much recovery speed - Blaidh Golan for the dragons fights at the end, because it has a low recovery speed penality and it can save your life if you are locked down in a stun or prone (the DR loss does not make much different on huge dragons hits) Feet - Boots of Stealth on the first half of the run when doing stealth moves and Shod in Faith during fights for the healing. - Boots of Speed, becau
  11. Hi Guys, First of all, let me thank you Obsidian for releasing such an awesome game, that probably makes everyone like me (former player of Infinity engine based RPGs) being able to step by back into childhood by playing this kind of wonderful games ! I stopped playing Pillars Of Eternity like a year ago, until I learnt about backers campaign on DeadFire, which just made me want to play it again ! (By the way, I personally do not care about the actual Deadfire release date, but please try to polish this game as much as you can : it's just going be an awesome game !) After getting
  12. 1) I've tried to use Shadowing Beyond trick for all bounties, but some of them just seem to be harder than others, I think that is because of the following reasons : Sometimes you just don't have enough space to move around. Also if the enemy you try to pull out is a caster, his aggro check range depends on the attack he tries to trigger, which makes him lose aggro far away from you. So it really depends on what spells is being triggered when you get into combat. But you can try to do it on the ones I could not pull out properly, maybe you find a consistent way to do it. 2) I've just adde
  13. Very nice! My heart skipped a beat a few times in the llengrath fight when you got paralysed, when you caught the tail end of the flying dragon's breath and when the slower dragon at the end was about blow your face off with a breath before you got him down. Well the fight with Llengrath that is recorded in this run did not go so well ! For some reasons the Xaurips group that is with the Bog Lurker usually does not aggro when I attack Llengrath, so I usually never get any paralyzing attacks (Concelhaut get them ). Also for the dragon breath I got a bit too close before landing sap, wh
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