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  1. im more of a Eothas/Magran guy, depending on how much they #!$$ me off Maybe will try monk, for more active play, if that doesnt work out then chanter. what stats/guide should i be looking at, i dont want to drop a stat too low and feel like im missing too much
  2. After finishing base game i got expansions and want to start a new game - but play it with a solo character since im too lazy to micromanage stuff and think about companion builds. Most solo builds ive seen here are made fo PotD while using a ton of consumables, kiting, summons, hunting for specific items etc. while i want just simple play with a single character bashing my face against enemy faces til they are dead and drop loot. i plan on doing complete game, without skipping anything and will do companion quests so its not a true solo, but for most part ill be fighting alone. i know that some times ill have to cheese or use summons but i dont want to rely on them, same for consumables - its ok for harder fights, but having to keep them up all the time is annoying. also i want to play human and would prefer having decent dex and resolve for stat checks. any build suggestions ? i know any class can do it, but what would be most fun without managing too many buffs/consumables Paladin seems to be the simplest, great defenses, but needs level 13 to do damage, and is a bit boring, Chanter seems similar as paladin, but most guides rely on summons - something i would prefer not to, also the only solo guide is with specific gun, + kiting, the other to seems more thematic than general purpose Monk - a possible option though i dont want to play godlike like most guides advise Tank wizards - i love the idea of mage tanks should have nice damage, but they have limited casts per rest and a lot of buffs, upkeep might get tedious(having to cast them every fight and being squishy without), have guides Priest - similar to wizards, just 1 solo guide and not a fan of ​Skaen/Wael​ Druid - similar to above, but im not a fan of shapeshifting Barbarian - was my 1st character, want smth else Fighter - seems boring for solo Rogue - might not be best for solo Ranger - dont like pet classes Cipher - a lot of potential lost without allies, and i dont want to use charmed/dominated effects im mostly looking at first 4 on the list
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