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what to pick for solo normal - no(minimal) cheese/summons/kiting/overindulging in consumables

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After finishing base game i got expansions and want to start a new game - but play it with a solo character since im too lazy to micromanage stuff and think about companion builds. Most solo builds ive seen here are made fo PotD while using a ton of consumables, kiting, summons, hunting for specific items etc. while i want just simple play with a single character bashing my face against enemy faces til they are dead and drop loot.


i plan on doing complete game, without skipping anything and will do companion quests so its not a true solo, but for most part ill be fighting alone. i know that some times ill have to cheese or use summons but i dont want to rely on them, same for consumables - its ok for harder fights, but having to keep them up all the time is annoying. also i want to play human and would prefer having decent dex and resolve for stat checks.



any build suggestions ? i know any class can do it, but what would be most fun without managing too many buffs/consumables


  1. Paladin seems to be the simplest, great defenses, but needs level 13 to do damage, and is a bit boring,
  2. Chanter seems similar as paladin, but most guides rely on summons - something i would prefer not to, also the only solo guide is with specific gun, + kiting, the other to seems more thematic than general purpose
  3. Monk - a possible option though i dont want to play godlike like most guides advise
  4. Tank wizards - i love the idea of mage tanks should have nice damage, but they have limited casts per rest and a lot of buffs, upkeep might get tedious(having to cast them every fight and being squishy without), have guides
  5. Priest - similar to wizards, just 1 solo guide and not a fan of ​Skaen/Wael​
  6. Druid - similar to above, but im not a fan of shapeshifting
  7. Barbarian - was my 1st character, want smth else
  8. Fighter - seems boring for solo
  9. Rogue - might not be best for solo
  10. Ranger - dont like pet classes
  11. Cipher - a lot of potential lost without allies, and i dont want to use charmed/dominated effects


im mostly looking at first 4 on the list

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If you like Berath then a priest of Berath, focused on maxed out MIG and using Tidefall may be fun for you. Had a lot of fun with him during a solo PoTD run. Difficult at first, but very powerful later. Good melee damage, too.


Monk is very powerful and has great tools for soloing. You don't need a godlike race to be awesome. Even starts with awesome abilities and makes the early solo game a lot easier.


Chanter: skill for tankyness and play until lvl 9. Use chokepoints and Come Sweet Winds + White Worms until you reach lvl 9 and then use Dragon Thrashed only. It stacks and will kill everything around you very quickly. Easypeasy but can get boring. No summons involved. If you need a +12 ACC bonus just switch to a one handed setup during appliamce and back to shield - since the one handed bonus applies to Dragon Thrashed and also some invocations.

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Well, you're free to try whatever you like, but "solo character" and "bashing my face against enemy faces til they are dead and drop loot" isn't really compatible IMHO. A solo character has to be more careful and avoid combat where possible.


Might I recommend a party full of fighter types? Like Fighter, Paladin, Monk, Rogue. Trust me, that's a breeze to manage and you can just bash your face against enemy faces til they dead and drop loot.


Otherwise, what Boeroer said.

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im more of a Eothas/Magran guy, depending on how much they #!$$ me off  :devil:


Maybe will try monk, for more active play, if that doesnt work out then chanter. what stats/guide should i be looking at, i dont want to drop a stat too low and feel like im missing too much

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I just completes a normal run with a rogue - lots of fun :) Beginning of the game was just high stealth and almost no fighting until somewhere in Defiance Bay. Focused on high dps and killing enemies before they could kill me until mid-level where I rerolled to retaliation tank.


Food and summons where used for hard/main fights, and defensive potions saw ample use. But it's just another skill button really, didn't use scrolls as I never invested in lore. Gearing requires a bit of thought, which is part of the fun imo.


Rogue has just the right amount of tools and active combat skills to be entertaining, and some vicious damage so killing things was reasonably quick.


I also think a monk would be a good fit for you. You will however not get entirely away from summons/food/potions etc. when you go solo. This is more of a tactical rpg, and not so much an action rpg.

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