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  1. same, Chapter 3 could be the greatest 37mins in space opera history everyone in the galaxy knows membership in a wretched hive of scum and villainy requires placing a blaster-proof shield over their heart in the event of a showdown with a Mandalorian
  2. no, not waiting, but it's so much fun, zero day ... last revolution was six years ago today if the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS5 launch title, then yeah ...
  3. nice to hold on to something during this time; happy birthday, 244
  4. not the text that's too small, the button icons next to the text have me squinting; or it could be the astonishing texture fidelity in Death Stranding, making me go blind ... really is something to see
  5. They don't, ruin it. Doom Patrol outdoes itself every episode. Definitely the weirdest but probably the best collection of individual character arcs on television. Put them all together and then add Alan Tudyk ... magic.
  6. hard to take a break from Death Stranding but word is Kirstjen Nielsen is Anonymous also, belay my last hope for conviction in the Senate
  7. is it perjury to state you 'don't recall' doing something three witnesses corroborate as being a thing you did ... what defense could Sondland plausibly concoct ...
  8. oh, Seattle, near Redmond, I understand ... great map what a treat, 4pm the day before ... work never saw me leave so early on a Thursday also, PS4 pre-load begins tomorrow: backup for my abysmal inability at WASD; The Outer Worlds isn't, by chance, real-time with pause, screen-edge scrolling, is it ...
  9. would like to know why 'walks back' is every outlet's default for unrepentant reconstruction of truth am aware our hope for conviction is flickering and bemoaned but it's all there is to cling to
  10. probably inaccurate, purely emotional salve for the last 31 days in American politics ... watch the original John Wick and substitute Keanu for 'the rule of law'
  11. likely wishful to think, but the piece by McRaven reads as the lone raindrop that will break the dam against conviction in the Senate
  12. could be ... a jilted former co-owner on his fourth of the morning, or a bid from below to brandish 4K as though it were anything but an expensive pain in the ass
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