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  1. woop, sorry Bruce, thank you for asking, how's your new place anyway ... we were fortunate beyond what we deserve to be hired full-time for Building Services at the college ... a sea change for us who've never had benefits of any kind, suddenly inundated with terms like medical, vision, dental, sick time, personal time, holiday pay, even the r-word and something called AD&D, which was briefly mistaken for role-playing activities offered by HR -- today was my Friday, now that Wednesdays are the new Monday ... no more live-action Sunday football or golf ... comic book day will have to share tacos with Tuesdays
  2. make it not so haven't seen that report anywhere else trusted, such as trekcore ... the dude was demoted before Discovery began; could be similar to manufactured strife on the WW set three years ago regardless, it is mathematically and objectively impossible for anything with Jean-Luc to be rated eighty-percent awful
  3. it's now the second time I've spent the better part of a day with a complete stranger in civilian clothes who turned out to be a chief warrant officer ... the first was on a plane from Salt Lake to SD -- then today at orientation, one of our group served twenty-two years and retired CWO-3 ... didn't get a chance to ask his specialty but we spoke briefly about inroads female Marines have earned there is no god but our dumb luck to work at a place with the highest outreach to veterans in the state makes us believe in her
  4. hold the horn ... in six months Gromnir retired, Shady has a lawn and Hurl is a professional amateur cyclist ... if Bruce has given up cheese or GD said goodbye to Kentucky's finest I will turn this car around orientation at the college tomorrow, even though we've been there two years part-time ... this prospect of full-time is a rare and welcome fundamental attitude adjustment
  5. sorry to double but after Dark Phoenix we stopped by Stone and discovered a delightful staple reimagined the standard is a dead ringer ... put your nose in the imperial is exactly like as if you made it with wheat bread (curiously it says the Liberty Station location but we landed at the main one up here in the north)
  6. gotta feel good to be Obs, opening act to an Xbox E3 briefing ... am seeing this game referred to as an fps rpg -- a confusing pairing, like salsa on ice cream, but Megan's confidence in the narrative lends to giving it a shot
  7. on the ale front, have mostly abandoned stouts and gone to gose, become best friends with berliner weisse (raspberry coffee ale, must try to believe) spirit wise, still being best with bourbons, but enjoying a neat young irish whiskey by the name of Teeling that spent six months in a rum barrel
  8. huh, had jury duty last week ... wasn't selected and were released by noon but opening remarks by the judge were thoughtful and even inspiring
  9. wasn't today, exactly -- and while we don't feel smarter or less certain imposter syndrome won't take effect, we did make small gains in maturity, wisdom and gratitude surviving a trio of committee interviews for a non-instruction position at a local college ... turns out a stable job that offers retirement is an instant cure for anxious emotional dithering
  10. if you liked GoW, Spider-Man PS4 is an incredible bit of software ... accessible platinum, too, if you're in to that
  11. speaking of, all too briefly, Professor Moriarty from two TNG episodes with a guest appearance on Elementary tonight, while Watson's wardrobe winning me over as always
  12. I'm down, I'd buy launch titles from Ninja Theory and Obsidian for the Xbox Dos XX.
  13. If by stretch material you mean low thread count then this is accurate. Transparent is not the right word but one can see one's fingers backlit through the material. Charcoal sheer is the color I would label both, not durable black as were the PoE1 garments, who have kept their mettle through nearly four years of washes. Still, it does say 'Backer' on the sleeve, nicely. Hoodie seems fine but I daren't subject it to the washing machine test.
  14. Went full evil once with a Bleak Walker paladin but was not nearly as enjoyable. Had to maintain Cruel and I think Aggressive dispositions to keep class bonuses ... kicking a hungry Roparu woman just to get the cruelty points is not engaging, rewarding gameplay, for me at least. Even so, felt like plenty of reactivity in the game for evildoers.
  15. oh no, I haven't paid cash-on-delivery since flowbee I hope my hoodie is postage paid
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