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  1. Hello again. Thank you for the additional information. The bug has been assigned to one of our programmers. Hopefully we'll have some good news for you soon. In the mean time thank you for your support and patience with this issue.
  2. Hello again. I've downloaded your files and am able to load up random saves that you sent me. Saving them again causes an issue however, as now I can't load any of them. I'm creating a bug in our database for you. I apologize for the inconvenience and than you for your support. By chance are you using any kind of mods? It doesn't appear that you are, but I have to ask.
  3. Hello, Hypersloth. In the few months I've been on the team here I've only taken her down once or twice. Most of the time I am dead within the first few seconds. It is a tough fight that you have to be geared up for and completely ready for with potions, traps, scrolls, summons, etc. I noticed a few things about your save. Kerry is not level 12, nor does she have a good weapon equipped. There is a nice hammer in your inventory though, maybe you were using it and that one got put there accidentally. I would say to level Kerry up to 12, make sure you've got some Beast Slaying in t
  4. Hello again. Yes, that is correct. I read all 4 of them just to be safe with the game that you uploaded and everything worked fine. Perhaps there is something else amiss with your system. Please verify the integrity of your files and then check back in with me. Thanks for the support!
  5. Hello again. Thanks for the feedback, treaves. Unfortunately I have absolutely zero say over when my machine gets updated. I can definitely pass that info along however. Thanks for your support!
  6. Hello again. I have entered the bug into our database and it is being looked at by the programmers. There very well may be something that I am not aware of regarding the behavior of the hirelings. With the game saves and info you have provided however, I'm sure they can get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your support!
  7. Hello again. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what the date is for the patch. I know it was planned for this week. I also know that it needs to be thoroughly tested so we don't let something like that out the door again. Thanks for your patience and support during this issue.
  8. Hello again, brabe. I'll do what I can to pass this info along to the proper team, thanks for your support!
  9. Hello again. That's essentially what I wrote in the report. I will add these as suggested filters as well. Thanks again for your support!
  10. Hello again. Really glad it worked out! Thanks for your support!
  11. Hello, Namutree. We are aware of the issue with permanent/semi-permanent summons. Thank you for the support!
  12. Hello, Dill Pickle. There is one more note in your inventory that you must read. It is 'Pelden's Note.' After reading that your Quest is updated and you are given another dialogue option when talking to the door. Thanks!
  13. Hello again. Not a problem at all, glad to be of help! Thanks again!
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