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  1. ...Yep, I just checked. The Glanfathan Soul Hunter is still in Caed Nua for me, and standing next to Brighthollow. Like I said, it's odd for a guest hireling to leave in less than a day in game time...
  2. Sorry, I searched the forums for Cladhaliath, didn't realize it was affecting all draining weapons!
  3. I think this happened after installing the 2.0 update. My Cladhaliath had the draining and reliable enchantments pre-2.0 patch - now it only has the reliable enchantment according to the item description. I loaded my old saves and my Cladhaliath all had only the reliable enchantment. Tried to test it in battle as well - didn't notice any endurance increase when my weapon struck. Save game link is below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rj1pcdu02nsynvc/Quicksave%20Saved%20Game%20%28greckoboy%29.zip?dl=0 Previous save game link (made pre-2.0 but still affected) is below: https://www.d
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Just to be sure though; I only just hired the Glanfathan Soul Hunter (about 1 day or less in game time). Was he supposed to leave so soon? I'm pretty sure he hadn't left yet when I updated to 2.0. If I remember correctly, the stronghold log also didn't say anything about him leaving. For the first guest hireling, he might have left already, so there might still be a problem of a different kind, which you have pointed out.
  5. After installing the 2.0 patch, it seems that the 2 hirelings that appeared by random at my stronghold, and whom I've already hired before installing the patch, have gone missing from my list of hirelings. One of them was the Glanfathan Soul Hunter...I can't remember who the other one was. So now the game states that my stronghold has hired 3 hirelings but the list only shows that 1 is hired, and I can't dismiss those 2 random event hirelings. Link to saved game is as follows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rj1pcdu02nsynvc/Quicksave%20Saved%20Game%20%28greckoboy%29.zip?dl=0 Thanks for t
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