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  1. Hi lefreut, Yes, you are right! I think the problem happens because the game (popup calls) has a conflict between this two calls: "Daño" and "Reducción de daño" (the same for French, Italian, etc) As one word is contained in the other sentence, the conflict happens. I also realised that for the English language the problem does not exist because they do not have or deleted the hovering text for the word "damage".
  2. I do not why but this is incorrectly shown in Spanish, French, Italian... But not in English or German. Could you solve it? Thank you.
  3. I think that the map screen is now blurry or in lower reslution than before. Is this a known issue? Thank you.
  4. After the update, the last letter of several item descriptions is not showed. Please, solve this issue.
  5. This problem is still here. I do not understand how this easy problem has not been solve yet. Thanks. http://i.imgur.com/ovkR42I.jpg
  6. Thank you Baladas. The poll is clear and this means that the game was correctly released for the most of the customers.
  7. The same happen to me but depending on the zoom level. I think this problem occurs on any map. Without any zoom, the background quality is as it should be. There is also one zoom level in which the background quality is also perfect. However, any other zoom position makes the background slightly blurry. This affects to all background, only characters keep the good quality. Edit: I edit because, for me, the problem is also more noticeable at Caed Nua. I have checked other maps and It seems that it is not so noticeable.
  8. After last patch, if you click on credits (credits music plays), go back to the UI (main title plays) and then open options, the music suddenly stops and only the button effects are working.
  9. Game crashed just after I gathered the remains of Xaurip and Sierpe. After that, I repeated the same actions again and the game didn't crash. 2015-05-03_204454.zip
  10. Please, this is not a Bug. The GoG patches are working properly. I think the problem is that you are installing the last patch 1.0.4 over an old 1.0.3 version. Try to install first the 1.0.3 patch that is in the GoG page and then the 1.0.4 patch.
  11. This is a disaster Bug. The highest priority should be considered. Thanks.
  12. I have experienced the same problem and doing tests I realise that, in my case (1080p), this problem occurs when I am using any different font scale than 100. So I think this is caused by the text scale, its centered or something like that. This is an annoying bug and I also hope they fix in the next patches.
  13. Fortunately, after thinking a lot how to solve it, I have found the solution for the problems I reported on 9 Firstly I could solve several mistakes as RD descriptions by searching on STRINGT files. However I didn't find the solution for the wrong descriptions on weapons, scrolls, etc. Through comparing several STRINGT files (English, Italian, Spanish...) I have realised that there are some diferences among the Spanish files and the rest. I have changed the order in line 1605 of gui.stringtable and the problem is solved for weapons and scrolls!! You only need to change 0 to 1 and 1 to 0. http://prntscr.com/6skq2t I have uploaded my STRINGT files in which I have translated several words of the gui as Loot radius, Graphic Quality, etc. I have also included in the cyclopedia the missing "tips" (in English). I have not corrected game dialogues. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=89459442361303820144 And I have found some discrepancies in the Spanish gui.stringtable file on these lines: 1402 1419 1764 However, I do not know where are these lines used. I have not changed them on my files yet but I think they are probably wrong. Anyone knows if they are correctly used in the game?
  14. On Windows installs and seems to be working properly. stage, this is the latest version available also in Steam (first patch 1.0.3 + 2 Hotfixes)
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