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  1. Has anyone looked into whether it would be possible to mod the Spell Mastery feature so it is available at lower/different levels, or whether higher-level spells could be added to the feature? e.g.... Level 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 for Spells lv1-6? Or something like that?
  2. The game is balanced around playing in a party, not solo. Even though there may be achievements for completing it solo, I have no desire for the game to even attempt to balance itself toward soloplay. Because that would make parties inherently overpowered -- to complete the game solo IMO you should be forced to use every possible cheese in existence in order to beat the game, so party play is reasonably accessible and challenging but not impossibly so.
  3. Well autoattack DPS and Full Attack abilities are two different things. Autoattacks even when dual wielding strike with each weapon one at a time. There is a normal recovery between each strike, as is the case with two handed weapons. That recovery is modified and can be reduced by talents, abilities, gear, etc Full Attacks, you are correct, strike with all equipped weapons, and generally give dual wielders an advantage. Secondly, sabres get a 20% boost but this is applied to their lower base damage: Sabre: 11-16 base (13.5 avg), +20% Sabre, +20% Spirit of Decay, +45% Superb, +30%
  4. Brisk Recitation -- added in 2.0 or 3.0, it reduces chant time by increments of 10%, starting at -10% at Lv4 and capping out at -50% at Lv16. You'll see the ability in your character sheet. It's an automatically added class feature like Transcendent Suffering for Monks. You don't have to choose it at level up.
  5. I mean, I feel like with this premise I'm more than willing to have everyone using the +Healing survival bonus at all times because it certainly seems better than +3DR, although the targeted accuracy may be more useful in difficult encounters. Also, you raise a very good point. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to just compare the builds and come up with my own hybrid!
  6. Question -- I love both the damage of the Dragon Thrashed chant as well as the healing of the Chillfog build. How can I combine them? I don't mind doing a bit less damage or a bit less healing if I can provide massive party regen. I've just started a PotD party for the first time and Ancient Memory + Veteran's/Constant Recovery on my other frontliners has been amazing. Even just the 20% healing boost + Fulvano's amulet is great! They just heal through everything except burst damage (those damn boars in Magran's Fork hit like trucks!) At this point my biggest issue is that Kana keeps runnin
  7. Does this bug affect enemies? I remember saving and loading causing enemies to stack deflection to infinity, but can I avoid this issue by simply not taking confident aim?
  8. Do the vs specific creature type talents (e.g. Primal Bane, Ghost Hunter, etc) increase Spell damage? I was thinking of taking one or two on a caster class but didn't see the point if they didn't work with my main damage source.
  9. My biggest concern is the enemy defenses bug. Holding off on getting the expansions because there may be a decent deal/sale between now and when it gets fixed, but as soon as it does I'll probably pull the trigger and start a fresh 3.0 play through.
  10. Most enemies have higher Will than Deflection? Do you have a source for this? In my anecdotal experience the opposite was true...
  11. What other weapons have you guys considered using for this build? Now that immunities are in the game I'm hunting for something that'll work vs most enemies, and the best options I see are Steadfast (slash/pierce + outmaneuvering) and Bittercut (slash/corrode + sabre). Thoughts?
  12. Critical hit, once per encounter. At least that's how it was on my last test. Seems fine to me in terms of a unique property -- lets you deal one massive blow per encounter without consuming other resources, but offers no passive benefit beyond that.
  13. I thought I'd bump this since no one's chipped in yet. I'm hovering around Act II and not sure as to what order I should be doing these quests to maximize challenge and entertainment. Given that I have 3 story quests and a bunch of side quests, I'd love any advice on the matter. What I've found so far: Blood Legacy is best completed at level 6 or higher. Cinders of Faith is best left to level 7+
  14. I think it's definitely do-able with the right party at level 7 or up. Wizards can mass-confuse to buy time during the big combat in question, in addition to summoned figurine creatures to act as tanks. Landing a Dominate effect from a Cipher party member will also make a considerable difference. The biggest difficulties IMO are positioning to avoid getting wiped by the heavy-damage AOE which the major enemy in that area can use. I've seen it deal 100-150 damage to 3 characters, knocking them all out and forcing a reload given the death of half my party.
  15. Agreed with the above. OP is hilarious in that depressing sort of way, but of course we'll find one or two radicals to endlessly echo him here soon enough.
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