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  1. Take a look at what I mention in post 5, it sounds like you are also using IE Mod v4.30. See if it helps you as well. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80382-aloths-grimoire-broken/
  2. I hat this happen once with a Fighter I have, but I deleted that particular savegame ... loaded the quick save made by IE Mod before I entered the Endless Paths and then Aloths Grimoire was okay again. ( So Far. ) Then this weekend I also started a Melee Rogue ... right smack in Gilded Vale Aloth got the Grimoire problem as well. When I noticed this I removed the dll file from IE Mod version 4.30. After that I restarted the game and the Grimoire problem was gone for me. I tried removing and adding the 4.30 a few times, and every time it was present then Aloth would get the Grimoire problem
  3. I personally think so now, the +5 to all defences definitely helps at times. But if you have two frontline tanks for instance then the rest are in the back attacking from range with weapons and spells. ( Well in my game at least. ) At those moments I personally would not mind to use Ilfan Byrngar's Solace or Scâth Gwannek instead of Outworn Buckler. Even though I play on steam ... I agree, it would be a whole lot more fair to GoG players if they would get the patches at the same time. ( If that is possible, then they should try to do that. )
  4. Well it still applies to companions in my game, but that is okay, I only switch to a one handed weapon and the Outworn Buckler if I need some more defence. As for the Outworn Buckler being the more obvious choice ... maybe ... for a Paladin. But that buckler can only be use by a Paladin so if some one does not have a Paladin the shield is useless. Besides Little Saviour has the same Herald and more and can be used by any one. Also Ilfan Byrngar's Solace and Scâth Gwannek are good Medium Shields. ( Although they do not have Herald. ) As for GoG versus Steam ... I have no idea actually, my u
  5. I do, IE Mod ... I hat two more but they where replaced again by the files from patch 1.06. At least I think they are, because they no longer work. Even if they would still be working I would not know whether a mod that influences Firearms and the other one the Druid Spiritshift could cause this to happen to a very specific Paladin Talent? And it works with my savegame one your computer? EDIT: Torm51 thank you so much for tipping me of on mods. it turned out that one particular setting in IE Mod caused my problem with Faith and Conviction. Turns out that ( At least for me. ) when
  6. Hopefully we will get an answer from the Developers.
  7. No I do not believe it is not overpowered as well, It is just that I was surprised to see it do what it does, so I asked whether it was by design. I guess we will just have to wait and see what other developers will let us know about Outworn Buckler.
  8. Well I just noticed that Outworn Buckler did that and asked if it was by design or not? And since celliot entered it in the developers database, I assume that it is a bug? ( I guess that is up to the development team to decide. )
  9. THe Developement is already aware of the buckler. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80082-is-this-a-bug-or-not/ Just scroll down a bit.
  10. Thank you so much celliott, hopefully you can see what causes the problem I have with Faith and Conviction.
  11. Still looking for an answer to the Faith and Conviction problem with my Paladin. I did send a PM to a Developer about two days ago and asked if some one of their team could drop by and see if they can help some how. So far none have dropped by ... now I realize that they have more to do to say the least, but I will not give up on my Paladin.
  12. Still hoping for a solution for the problem I have with Faith and Conviction.
  13. It is very annoying I agree, but to stop playing the game till it gets fixed is a bit harsh. Still to each their own I guess. am personally such a compulsive pauser (pauser?) that this bug is, for the most part, a non factor. that being said, for people who prefer auto-pilot features, we could see how their party npcs being transformed into ornamental topiary during combat might be discouraging enough to halt play. HA! Good Fun! Well in most fights you have to place your team members and have them do what you want and need. Yeah until OE fixes the auto attack ( Once and fore
  14. It is very annoying I agree, but to stop playing the game till it gets fixed is a bit harsh. Still to each their own I guess.
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