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  1. So, I don't know if this has anything to do with IEMod or if it's a bug in 2.03, but after completing a quest that gets me some more Durgan Steel, I went back up to the White March area, and saw two errors. First, the map has a "missing maps" note on it for some reason. I've attached a screenshot of that. Second, I had forgotten which way the Forge went, so I entered on the Top floor instead of the Bottom floor. When I did, the top floor had been reset. The fog of war was there, the ghosts were back, the enemies were back, the items were back, etc. I exited the building and re-entered
  2. Thank you, tjayharvey! Like you, I'm going to be immersed in a certain other game beginning next week, so I'm hoping to finish PoE this weekend, and that'll be more likely if I can sneak fast or use ctrl-fast and ctrl-slow modes to zip around a few maps I've already covered but need to tie up some loose ends in!
  3. I take my time and look at every corner, too, and that's why the slow scouting is so annoying. I've already spent 130 hours in this game because I'm an obsessive completist when playing games, and I still haven't completed it once (I'm close, though... I wanna finish Cragholdt, and then I'm off to the final confrontation). I love the exploration, but it doesn't need to be at a snail's pace. It frustrates me that the game encourages players to sneak full time, because it's the only way to find traps and hidden objects. I'd rather they just based those searches on skills of traits (and I thin
  4. For me, it's the fast scouting and, to a lesser extent, the blue circles around neutral parties. The super-fast and super-slow movement features are nice too, but not nearly as crucial for me.
  5. I completely agree. Given that every update breaks the mod, because it needs to modify a core game file, that seems like all the more reason for the solution mentioned in this post. A patch app that we could use at our own risk would help alleviate the frustration that users feel and that I'm sure the developers feel whenever a new version comes out. I have no idea what's involved in creating such a patch executable, but I'd be ecstatic to try it out.
  6. There was some mention earlier of releasing a tool that would apply the appropriate modifications to Assembly-CSharp.dll so that we could make the mod work with new minor versions as they're released. Might it be possible to get that utility? I understand that it would be a "use at your own risk" thing, because feature changes could cause individual IEMod features to work incorrectly or not at all, but my understanding is that this kind of update is all that the 5.06 beta version for 2.0.2 consisted of, and it worked like a charm until 2.0.3 came out yesterday.
  7. It looks like your attempt to copy a link to the other thread didn't work. (Edit: I assume this is the link you meant to post) As I go back through the battery levels (scouting all the way, with a character with mechanics at 11), it sure seems like I should have had more than 8 in my inventory. The mining cart area alone is supposed to have 8 in it, and I cleared that out! I wonder if I got hit with a bug of some sort that deleted some of my ingots. Edit: Ah ha, the 8 I missed were the ones in the SW cart, not in the SE room accessed via the mining cart! I didn't get the frozen guy's
  8. Are many of these outside the White Forge/Mines area? I scoured the area thoroughly, and I thought I had found quite a few, but when I activated the forge, I found that I had only 8 in my possession. I haven't yet gone to the ice dragon's lair, nor have I braved Cragholdt, but from reading this thread, it doesn't sound like that accounts for an additional 12. I see a lot of things in the Forge/Mines areas that highlight when I hit Tab, but which aren't selectable, at least in the latest patch (mostly the collapsed constructs, but also one thing that looks like an opened container of large
  9. I don't want to be a pesky user, but is there any ETA on an updated beta that works with 2.01? Oh, never mind - I missed the post last night from tjayharvey (and while I can edit this post, I couldn't delete it).
  10. Fair enough. Whenever you're able to get an update out, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for taking the project on!
  11. This is phenomenal news! Thanks for taking this task up, Springwight. I think I may hold off on playing PoE for a few days as I wait for your IEMod update release. I can't say I've made extensive use of IEMod, but I love the ability to walk at normal speed while scouting without enemies present, and I like seeing neutral NPCs show up as blue instead of green.
  12. Evidently the problem is in IE Mod 4.30, and not in the base game. I downgraded to 4.29, and it works fine, and I also found others on the IEMod Nexus page reporting the same problem. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in an upcoming version of IE Mod.
  13. Oh, I should've added to my original post (I'm not sure if this info is in the savegame file for developer troubleshooting) that I'm playing version on Steam in Windows 7 x64 (with IEMod 4.30, again, with none of its options enabled except for fast scouting).
  14. I understand that I can just use another Grimoire as my own, but obviously, if there's a way to fix this problem, I'd prefer to do that... especially if this problem is apt to affect other grimoires in the future.
  15. I think this may be a bug. I'm trying to edit the spells in Aloth's Grimoire, right after getting Ludrana's Grimoire. I can right-click on her grimoire and learn the spells from it, but as soon as I right-click on Aloth's grimoire, my inventory goes away, no grimoire shows up, and I can no longer access my inventory until I exit the game and re-enter it. And if I do that, attempting to access Aloth's grimoire (whether it's equipped or in my inventory) breaks the inventory all over again. Is my savegame hosed? Can it be fixed, or do I need to just start using Ludrana's Grimoire as my own?
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