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  1. All I have about an impending fix is that the devs have been looking into it since the 1.2 beta. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103080-wahai-poraga-bug/ It's also far, far too strong with this build, really. Get surrounded, click, everything dies. The main problem is that this weapon in its 1.1 state (before it was op) was clearly the best option for this build. Counterattack was a great mod. Engagement mattered and boosted weapon recovery time, there were breakpoints so you can stay permanently under Counterattack while using one item or another for resistances, it was deep.
  2. The build was initially for 1.1, a Wahai Poroga+Engagement+Mob Stance build, with Modwyr on switch. The only reason why Voidwheel is in the picture is because Wahai Poraga was buffed into buggy dimension in 1.2 and I'm pretty sure people don't like using things that are obviously too strong. Since Voidwheel doesn't require any gear outside of Modwyr (and level 16) to collect, I thought it was a cool addition.
  3. I suspect Unbending won't work. It generally doesn't work with effects that apply damage over time debuffs that aren't shown on the combat log, such as Combusting Wounds. What you can do though is get damaged by conventional attacks and use the overheal from Unbending to heal through the dot. It can be hard.
  4. I noticed earlier today that I could rest multiple times in a row on the ship and stack all the food resting bonuses for some reason. Not sure if bug Could be a display bug. The buffs were all there during the next ship encounter, but I was just testing other stuff so I didn't pay much attention.
  5. So a while ago I noticed that there were dialogue options that required your character to have *below* a certain threshold to select. For example this one requires you to have less than 7 Resolve: Does anyone know if there are any other fun picks like this?
  6. Premise: this is my single class Fighter build. It can be built and played in a lot of different ways, but as of 1.12 this is the build that gives me the most interesting results. I picked Unbroken, but the build doesn't rely on a specific subclass, although I suggest you don't choose Devoted unless you're ready to entirely rely on poisons, drugs and such for some fight. This build has absolutely no reliance on consumables at the endgame. You never rest unless you want to. The basic concept is to maximize the effect of Unbending, which the Single Class Fighter gets at level 9. With high Mi
  7. The first check is 13 Perception + 6 Survival The second check is 14 Constitution The third check is 16 Constitution You still get the Cornett even if you fail all of them. If you're soloing, run up the stairs, use a summon as bait and keep running until out of combat (or go invisible or w/e), then come back and clean up with Wahai Poraga
  8. Wahai Poraga is absurdly strong right now. It will most definitely be patched. I would personally not advise a Devoted for solo runs with two-handers, but that's just me. I just don't like being unable to switch to a more effective weapon against an enemy. With that said, Estocs are really good and accessible very early in the game, with the Eager Blade. Just remember the additional attack when target is near death has low penetration, but it hits your target on top of everything in range. For example, my base attack with the Eager Blade (with modal) is 16 pen, but the penetrati
  9. Another way to do it is to use the entropy system that the other PoE (Path of Exiles) uses: from https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Evasion Basically with that system a 20% proc will literally happen once and only once every 5 attacks. It's much easier to balance proc stacking that way.
  10. While testing I came upon (debugItems) the Ragged Cloak, a Skaen-themed cloak that deals damage to enemies on being crit. My question is, can you acquire it in game?
  11. I did more testing, it seems Mob Stance enhanced the effect, by refreshing the AOE after a kill. The AOE is still crazy strong in Defender Stance, dealing enough damage to oneshot an Eoten on POTD upscaled at level 20.
  12. Here's another showcase/test First weapon attack is made in Defender Stance, it kills the Eoten and stops, basically. Then I go gather more mobs to setup a Mob Stance test, and each mob stance also triggers the bonkers AOE. Just watch the first 3 minutes, the rest of the video is just me finishing the Steelclad construct naked. Some funny observations: Mob Stance works really well since 1.1, because "Mob Stance" attacks are abilities, so they benefit from Fighter Power Level, which helps a ton to make it proc off itself due to the increased damage roll and accuracy.
  13. I'm a single class fighter, and I just autoattack. No need for procs or buffs or w/e. If you're surrounded, everyone dies until you're no longer surrounded.
  14. In this video on the bug report I just used an autoattack with a single class fighter. There are no hidden tricks. Either you're surrounded and the wahai poraga keeps dealing damage "until you're no longer surrounded", or you're not surrounded and wahai poraga only attacks once or twice. Maybe I should record it again this time without cleave stance
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