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  1. I voted for Deadfire. I would prefer the PoE1 system if there were some way to lock the player in to certain situations (so they can't leave). The way it works in PoE1 is really only as a self-imposed constraint.
  2. A build I really like is devoted/helwalker crit build. I recommend pukestabber. The stat line can be something like 10 18 18 18 10 4. The build makes great use of the devil of caroc armor as well. The talents are pretty no-brainer, (disciplined barrage, swift flurry, one handed style early gets the build going). I like the int/lash route more than the constitution/armor route but I use this build with a party not solo. If you went solo then it would probably need to be nalpazca instead with a different stat line. You end up being able to self buff to 25 18 23 23 25 9 (higher with items). You actually end up critting more often than you hit once you pass 70% accuracy. The build is funny at the very least.
  3. The Wahai Poraga poleaxe seems to be hitting way more than it should. The picture I took is from one attack. It seems to depend on the number of targets.
  4. The explodey frost bow may be able to compete with the blackbow. The ranger does have the advantage of active abilities to use along side it.
  5. They work really well with a paladin imo. A ton of full attacks and (especially kind wayfarer) the paladin has better pet heal abilities.
  6. I know that people hate nerfs, but I think it might be smart to change some of the full attack abilities to primary attacks. Currently only fighter has notable primary attacks. I also think that 2 handers could use either a flat damage buff or a flat pen buff, or maybe a cleave or "bounce" effect. Like attacks hit primary target and another target within 'x' distance for like 33% damage or something. That might allow them higher damage against mobs, but worse single target/focus damage.
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