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  1. Whoops, I apologize for associating it with the patch. I had not bumped into it until today and then it happened in my first two games since the patch.
  2. One more possible complication that I just thought of, I had the random condition where when you defeat a henchman and on a d6 roll of 1-3 you discard a card from the blessings deck. Don't know if this affects that situation or not.
  3. Oh, I should have mentioned. I was in quest mode. Character level 16 (team of 2) if that matters. I'm pretty sure it happened in one game and I wasn't paying a lot of attention but after it happened I thought something was weird. Then I played another and it happened at two locations in a row. The guard tower location is the easiest way to duplicate this since it summons a henchman at the beginning of every turn.
  4. In the short time I've played with the new patch, both times a henchman was summoned, both times I was offered to close the location. This should NOT be the case. The times this happened were once at the Guard Tower where if you start a turn you summon a Bandit, and the other time was due Skeleton Horde barrier that summons an Ancient Skeleton to each character at an open location. This bug is pretty major and might require a rather quick hot-fix since summoning henchmen is a rather common occurrence.
  5. I'm pretty sure that Paizo later determined that "displaying" a card counted as "playing" a card, and thus you shouldn't be able to cast a spell and display a different spell on the same check of a turn. Now you CAN have a cloud spell already displayed, encounter a card, and then play a spell because the cloud card is not played as part of the the encounter. You could also play a cloud spell and use a melee attack during one check, and then play a spell (with the cloud still active) as a second "then" check against a boss.
  6. Does it allow you to move freely on you own turn? There was a similar bug reported for Cape of Escape, where the Cape couldn't be used at all outside of encounter. Yes, I double checked this. If it is your turn, you can use the Giant Badger to move when not encountering another card, and it correctly prohibits you from moving during an encounter on your turn.
  7. The Giant Badger allows you to bury that card to move. The only restriction is that you can't do that during an encounter. There SHOULD be no restriction to use that power during another character's turn, however the game will not allow you do that. This bug severely lowers the value of the Giant Badger card.
  8. Drunken master all the way. As already pointed out, you don't have to be a zen archer to use a bow. He's probably the hardest-to-kill 7-card-hand character since he can recycle so many blessings (and you should have 10 of them by the end of adventure 3). Focus your entire card collection on fast cycling cards (staff of minor healing, yes please!). Other than an amulet of fortitude (so you can auto-recharge liquids) and a bow, you don't want any cards hanging around and clogging up the rest of your finely tuned machine of a hand. Sajan is a slow starter and when not optimized can easily b
  9. I had this happen on that scenario except it involved spells much like elcoderdude. I should have had all of B, C, and 1 to choose from, but instead had only the basics available. I also want to echo Namyra's comment that this isn't a huge deal at adventure 3, but becomes larger and larger as more adventures come along.
  10. ...and they should. Lini encounters a monster and plays the swipe spell, giving her divine skill + 1d8 for her attack and the monster gets -3 to its difficulty. Ezren also has a swipe spell in his hand and plays it. Expected result: another -3 to the monster's difficulty (-6 total). Actual result: the second swipe played knocks out the first one, so the monster is at -3 difficulty and Lini is back to making a basic strength attack. I can't recall what happened to Lini's swipe card.
  11. Ezren takes a turn and closes out the Garrison. When the Garrison closes, it makes a new pile of cards at that location (even though it is closed) consisting of the armors and weapons in that deck when it closed - in this case 4 cards are left over. Ezren draws Augury when his hand resets and decides to help out his buddies who like big metal objects and he casts it (on another player's turn), specifying weapons. What comes up is a big blank display of no cards at all and the spell is wasted.
  12. This just happened to me in Local Heroes. The location (General Store) had no cards (previous character didn't want to banish any cards in hand to close it), Ezren came in, banished a wooden shield, rolled for random items, 1 item revealed a blank screen identical to the screenshot posted above and nothing short of forfeiting the scenario would get me past the bug. Ugh.
  13. I concur with GTSaiko. Brand new parties created after the patch are indeed saved on the cloud and able to be accessed on separate devices using the same account. Parties formed before the patch can only be used on the device from which they were created.
  14. I've got Pathfinder Adventures installed on 3 android devices here - none of which seem to be able to access any sort of cloud saves from the others.
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