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  1. I am not the greatest fan of permanent combat as well, but found out you can play really large parts of the game peacefully and you have a lot of options in picking your fights. There are even signs in the quest log for difficult quests, just do the easy ones first and you will be overlevelled during most of the game - only a few fights in the north western part were a bit hard for me. I worked a lot with the AI scrips (basically set the most important buffs and debuffs on "always") and also put heavy armor on my soft targets and robes on my melees - might sound counterintuitive, but helps mak
  2. I had a Skald/Trickster front row guy, maxed his crit chance and used a lot of crowd control songs.
  3. Isn't that exactly what Act 3 of the game does? At the volcano, Eothas basically (not clearly, though) tells you that he will wait for you at the wheel and the quest log explains that preparations are required to cross the endless storm. Up to that point, it felt like a chase - and led me to enter the volcano totally underlevelled (good thing you can avoid most of the fights). Also the preparations you actually need to take to sail alone - buy a sail and hull at one of the first guys you meet in the game - are a bit off compared to pleasing the factions. I miss something like "collecting the p
  4. You Maia is crazy I was watching Cohh's playthrough and was like NOPE. Least Xoti is open about being loony. Also the variations you get in the conversations depending on personality makes me think when most of the bugs are gone this'll be in my top ten of games. Cause I really enjoy it even though some of the bugs makes me wanna throw my keyboard out a window so when that's fixed and if we get really good dlc :D yeeess. I never had her in my party because of that, but I wanted to try out another ending of the game. That probably explains the weird timing of her request, I supp
  5. Maia trying to romance me directly after the assassination of the queen, between all those corpses, was the weirdest thing ever.
  6. Sorry for cutting your post into two sentences. I think that is the same problem. The background story is great, but it doesn't really unfold and also doesn't really connect to the personal story. How about this setup for PoE2: You have Caed Nua and stuff, everything fine, and then decide to go seafaring to solve whatever threads PoE has left open. A little quest or two, maybe an introduction to seafaring and then, boom, storm, stranded on beginner island. You do sidequests, repair your ship, get staff etc and set sail home to Caed Nua, only to find it devastated. You get some leads, Berat
  7. I am a few hours into Deadfire and can confirm that, the pacing just feels wrong at the start. One day, you watch the gods discussing and get the feeling that this is an important matter. The next day (actually a week later, since you travel by ship) you start running errands in a really huge city. Eder even makes a comment about losing track. Also you have a lot of stuff to micromanage, especially your ship, but also companions, factions and your personal fame. You have to make a lot of choices, like distributing skills on a borderline overwhelming skill tree, but can't really judge their
  8. Yes, it does break the game. I restarted for the expansion and completed Defiance Bay, White March, Caed Nua until level 13 and the quests from Dyrford Village. My next target is Cliaban Rilag and then the hearing and Act 3. But my characters are already level 12! The next few hours will be mindless slaughtering. I have written a few ideas about that already, maybe in the wrong forum or not: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81620-white-march-balancingdesign-ideas-so-so/
  9. I have to emphasize that I really like the story and the maps of the expansion, altogether it's well done.I have started fresh once again and regret nothing! But there are some things that bother me: Soulbound weapons are class restricted, even when it makes no sense. I'd really have liked the Great Sword for my rogue. My Paladin uses a shield and the Barbarian two weapons, so they don't really have any use for a twohander. Also my druid might have liked either the Hunting Bow or the Quarter Staff. Bad luck. It's not that I couldn't make it work, or respec or whatever, but since that's
  10. I didn't even hear half of the voice acting since I read faster than they talk. Unless there is a scripted scene with actual acting, I don't need voice acting at all or only the most important dialogues.
  11. Yes, I did that. The Doemels are quite strong and can easily kill everybody in the warehouse. I still got added a single kill for whatever reason, either because Verzano is plot relevant or one of the Doemel guys counted as ally to me and did a killing blow. Altogether, siding with the Doemels increased my killcount by 2 and I did every quest they had. Very pazifist guys.
  12. If you do the warehouse quest in Ondra's Gift first, you can side with the Doemels. In that case, you get offocially sent to the house in Copperlane. That might be the requirement to get this dialogue option or another way to not kill them - not sure.
  13. I found that 175 kills is plenty if you refrain from clearing maps and dungeons. You can do almost any combination of quests if you sneak around and only kill monsters which are quest relevant or blocking your way. When finishing the game, I had around 120 kills. I could have had far less. Blaidth Golan (found in Sanatorium) is a really helpful armor for the end fight. Also a high running speed (I think you will get Boots of Speed every time in Sun in Shadows) helps dodging spells and separating enemies. I had no problem fighting the mobs one by one, even without a complicated setup of tr
  14. The Doemels are my favorite. They have no prejudice and, in an adamsmithian way, increase the wealth of everybody. The Knights and the Dozen are stuck in prejudices and principles that don't allow them to have a clear view on the world and thus they act evil even when they try to do good.
  15. It's not only your level of stealth, also running speed helps a lot getting out of line of sight in time. I did my pazifism run with far lower stealth, but I didn't enter Caed Nua at all because there's not really a point in that. I was able to sneak the Skaen temple and Ogre Cave, but had to fight in Heritage Hills and the Cialag Ruins. You can do the 3rd act peacefully with your stealth, if you don't do all four god quests: Hylea and Rymrgand are surely doable, Galawain maybe. Not sure if you can avoid the fight directly before the hole, everything else on the Burial Isle is already free to
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