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  1. There's one at the 3rd act, when you ented the inn in Hearthsong, a npc gives you a quest where apparently some friends of him got lost in the woods and are hunted by Fangs. You can then chose to help one of the 2 factions, and if at the end of it you ask for "knowledge" as rewards, you can get one buff. There's a second one still in act 3, if you go in the Wolf's cavern in Oldsong and help a npc who lost her sister in the frost cavern. Those are the only ones i found so far. (I hope my instructions are clear enough...)
  2. Why being pissed off for a roleplay thing? It's all the same all along the game, sometimes you can make choices that brings you better rewards / reputations / experience but still are not in the philosophy you follow. This is what is fun about this game, that also adds a nice replay value to explore other possibilities. I didn't even know there was a talent bonus if you were doing what you did. If you REALLY want to get every possible bonus and maximum reward, then you just have to activate the option that shows you what you can get at each answer or to reload every time you talk to a npc. But it's not that fun imo.
  3. I think that we need to let a bit of time to Obsidian to balance this new-school Baldur's Gate. So far, it has been an incredible work to create this new engine and it gives a good base to create new things over it. Just let some time, some patches, maybe an extention, things will for sure get better and better. I don't know if you played the Baldur's Gate series, but if you did, you should remember that the very begining of the serie was slow and not that customisable. Then things evolved little by little over time.
  4. Please don't hate. Everyone has the right to play the game it's own way. I understand that you want a balanced game for a team, and I partially disagree with OP because imo those spells are not what makes the game "imbalanced". Still, it's right to admit that some mechanics of this game are kind of wierd, solo or not. The fact that the phantoms can perma stun characters due to their high attack speed and "stun on every hit" passive is not really fun, solo or not solo, and it doesn't make the game deeper in terms of gameplay or strategy (except if you consider "bursting everything with aoe spells and one shot the packs, then travel back to the inn to rest and do it again" as a strategy). The famous adragan graze isn't much more balanced either (on both sides, monsters or players). So please, don't be that agressive towards players who play solo, and try to be a bit more objective. The game as it is right now is quite unbalanced regarding some mechanics and I think it would be a lie not to admit it. And it's not about playing solo or not.
  5. Ok ok I believe you. Still I'm really intrested in seeing how you can handle this fight without getting instantly shot down. If someone manage to do it, please make a video
  6. To be honest, the global progression of the game is probably viable with every class as long as you can use well enough all the small mechanics of the game (summonings, traps, scrolls, bottleneck and so on...). The only thing i'm a bit worried by playing Wizard solo is "how are you gonna defeat the last boss?" as long as you don't have any sustain mechanics nor tanking ones.
  7. Sorry for the late answer, I hadn't seen You can stack easily the defenses like Deflection through Items and talents, but nothing is as good as Cons to stack your Health and Resistance. The last fight lasts around 7 - 10 minutes, and you can't survive that long without a high Cons. Not good advantage by playing a Human, i did it for the roleplay, nothing more i think that moon is super strong for solo runs. @Ahzab: Yeah, they are not the best class in terms of gameplay. I agree with you on this
  8. Paladins are good enough to solo run in PotD, just saying. If you make your hero a paladin and improve the "Faith and Conviction" passive, it makes a great tank imo. I agree that they are not that fun to play with, but their def stats are close to awesome. You just need to build them without the recommanded stats and focus more on Constitution and here you go.
  9. Thank you very much! And yes this is also what i think. At least it means that it's doable for all the Melee classes. Well that's more or less the same kind of strat that I used with my characters, the good part is that when you're used to those items, you can do the same run with different classes. But it might be different with a Cypher or a Druid for example. No idea, I didn't try.
  10. Well, as I explained above, the true lack of damages concerns the early game overall. You have to be very patient, try to find a good quality dagger or sword before the flail of Gaun, use the few traps and scrolls that you can find or craft. It's not the funniest part I have to say. Once you can reach the bay, things get easier: You have access to the 3 obsidian scarabs item as soon as you enter the city and you can also directly buy the Rotfinger Gloves, and that will bring you a lot of dps as well in AoE that on single mobs. If you feel you're getting tanky enough, you can even use a 2h sword for some fights (Raedric gives a good one, later on you can get Tidefall on Cain). Then the Blood plate is the ultimate item to get rid if the big packs of mobs. It's not the easiest class to deal damages to be honest, and every pack of mob is kind of a challenge, but it was worth the try. And don't worry, I leave you the rest of the classes, I think i'm gonna have a small break for now, I need to sleep
  11. Well yeah, that's a way of seeing things. After playing a nice Rogue, I was still intrested to see more a darker side of the adventure. Well I explained in detail the build that I used all along my adventure. This is the "core" build, but I know that I also used a 2 handed sword for some fights when I felt like I didn't need a shield to survive. As wrote also, some items like the Rotfinger Gloves gives you spells to deal nice AoE damages. I think I found a good balance between a tank and a damage dealer, but if you find something different, I would be intrested To be honest.. Really fun! I even discovered thanks to this that you can actually massacre the expedition at the very begining of the game for your first Crualty point! Which is just awesome. There are some inconsistences still, some dialongue (especially for the main quest) are not so much made for a 100% evil hero. But yeah overall it was really fun ^^ Thank you very much ! :D
  12. Hi mighty adventurers! Today's another great day of victory, Thaos died once again, but this time by the hand of a cruel and merciless Bleak Walker! This time I'm going to go a bit more in the details of the build that I used for my hero. 0. Introduction: Why a Paladin? Why a Bleak walker? Pros: - It's a good challenge to play a bad and mean character in a rpg - Paladins get bonus stats if you roleplay, and I was intrested in that kind of gameplay - Not the most common class used to solo the game, and I love new challenges Cons: - Not so many active and offensive skills, so a bit annoying the early levels - Extremely gear dependant - No shadowing beyond 1. Attributes - Might 18+ - Constitution 18+ - Rest of the stats 10 Constitution is the best stat to solo the game in my opinion. Some fights are really long (especially the last one) and without enough of Cons, you will not survive. Might is great, but I guess you can balance it with some Dex if you want to attack faster. 2. Skills Key points: - Athletics 2/3 (80/90% Combat fatigue reduction, essential imo) - Lore 2: You will need it the first part of the game to use flame fan scrolls for Caed Nua - Mechanics 10+ : OverPowered. Free traps, Free loot, Free XP all along the game. A Must have - Stealth: Optionnal, but still good to take when the rest is maxed out 3. Abilities & Talents Key points: - Faith and Conviction + Deep Faith: a must have to solo the game. Free defensive points - Lay on Hands: Free heal once per encounter - Cautious Attack (+10 Deflection) - Superior Deflection (+5 Deflection) - Unstoppable (+10 Defense against Blind, Daze, Hobble, Prone, Stuck) - Mental Fortress (+10 Defense against Charm, Confusion, Domination, Fear, Terror) - Zealous Endurance (+3 RD) - Sworn Enemy (Nice damage boost for single target) 4. Gear Those are Core Items, the rest of the gear is up to what you will find. Act1. - Outworn Buckler (Merchant Gilded Vale) - Gaun's Share (First dungeon, Gilded Vale) - Blunting Belt (Merchant, Gilded Vale) - Ring of Minor Deflection (Merchant/chest) - Plate Armor (Backer next to the tree, Gilded Vale) - Fire fan scrolls (Crafting + Chest) Act2. - Oaken Scarab Figurine (Hidden cache, Copperlane close to the comedians) - Iridescent Scarab Figurine (Heritage Hill) - Obsidian Lamp Figurine (First Fire) - Rotfinger Gloves (Merchant in Ondra's Gift) - Sanguine Plate (Task: The Forgotten) - Ring of Deflection (Merchant in Copperlane) - Gaze of the Adragan's Trap (Merchant, Copperlane) Act3. - Blesca's Labor (Merchant, Hearthsong) - Purgatory (On the way from Stormwall Gorge to Elmshore, group from the Key) - Animancer's Boots (on a corpse during the riot, end of act 2) - Bartender's ring (Locked chest, Copperlane) - Boots of Speed (Random loot) - Health potions (Craft) Screens of the Stats of my character here: - Attributes: http://i.imgur.com/1EfSeLU.jpg - Gear Bonuses: http://i.imgur.com/d2bAMEj.jpg - Abilities and Talent: http://i.imgur.com/yaHjino.jpg Final Boss Video: http://youtu.be/8GkU_V3gKVM I hope you enjoyed the video and the Build, if you need more explanations, feel free to ask as always
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