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  1. Greetings, all! How viable is a solo PotD Wizard? I assume you'll be sneaking a lot for exploration EXP to get your level up and generally avoiding fighting in the early game. When it comes to killing things, that... seems best left to an expert on the subject. What should people attempting this know beforehand?
  2. Greetings, all! I'm currently soloing Path of the Damned. How common are camping supplies? I'm level 3 going on level 4 and my character (a Fire Godlike Chanter with full stats here) hasn't rested yet. I'm relying on kiting and summoning to get foes' attention. Yes, I'm at Critical Fatigue, but there's no Critical Critical Fatigue in this game, meaning I'm free to stealth and steal things throughout the game world! Mwahahaha! Yes, camping supplies. How prevalant are they? Can I run out? I'm still exploring the overworld map's northwest portion. I found 3 sets of camping supplies so
  3. Adding to the list: 8: Player-placed map markers! Baldur's Gate II included this and I loved it! It was so spiffy to be able to leave in-game notes for myself. "Door locked." "Come back at level 20." Notes like that! 2: (Addendum)) In addition, if this is included, allow players to choose the personality point spread they want from the legal options, like 1 Aggressive, 2 Clever.
  4. Greetings, all! While Obsidian is stlll in the mood to heavily modify things via patches, I find this a good time to include suggestiosn for future Pillars of Eternity versions. Note that I am generally enjoying what I've played so far and wish to make this game even more perfect! Suggestions 1: Please allow us to manually name our saves! Dragon Age: Origins did it. Baldur's Gate did it. Divinity: Original Sin did it. Being able to name my saves tells me where I've been and lets me tell myself where to go next and what to do there. 2: For those who have completed the intro sequence, pl
  5. Intro Greetings, all! I'm doing a Spotty run - solo Path of the Damned (SPOTD). Why? Because I think I've found a winning formula! The short answer? Bide my time with super high defenses then summon disposable minions and traps - repeatedly! (I call it "Stalling for summoning!" or SFS for short!) Having soloed Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, and much of Baldur's Gate II, I learned the best way to solo any game is to make your one unit have the strength of many via mind control, crowd control, and summoning. (Alternatively, just slaughter everything so wel
  6. Note that INT affects Chanter song areas and durations. How effective is kite and smite? I planned to run around until I could summon something, summon that, then use a ranged weapon to deal damage while waiting for my next Chanter spell to ready.
  7. Greetings, all! A solo Cipher on PotD at early levels felt frustrating and like suicide. (I only got to the first town.) A Chanter's 'Thunder Rolls' and 'Summon Skeleton' and 'DR to Piercing and Slashing' abilities greatly help. I was considering going Wood Elf Chanter, maxing MGT, DEX, and INT, dumping PER and RES and putting the rest into CON. I use a (cross)bow as my main weapon and use a kite and smite strategy. I Stealth as much as practical and lay traps to end fights quickly (Mechanics). If I'm still allowed to take a second class later in the game, I'm seriously considering Wiza
  8. Remember, you still get EXP when killing creatures to a point. After your beastiary is 100% full, I assume you don't get EXP for their kills.
  9. The game hands you a Human Fighter companion at the start and there's the option to get a Human Rogue companion soon thereafter. Once the tutorial area ends, then soloing begins. So far, an Elf Cipher maxing DEX, INT, Might, and Resolve (in that priority order) and dumping CON and PER has gotten me out of the tutorial zones. Stealth, Mechanics, Whispers of Treason, and bows have done me well to get me this far! Also, Confusion on the enemies (via Tenuous Grasp) is wonderful! Eyestrike is also appealing as my first AoE.
  10. Greetings, all! Do foes drop random loot? I recall going through the intro camp and, one time, getting more bows than another time.
  11. Now that the game is out, what's the best build for a solo character for Path of the Damned?
  12. Greetings, all! Having played Baldur's Gate II and Divinity: Original Sin lately, these seem like oversights/omissions in Pillars of Eternity. 1: No map markers. Baldur's Gate II had these! I can make my own physical or out-of-game maps, but this is 2015. Why should I have to? 2: No way to name my saves. Baldur's Gate II had these! I'd like to be able to make note of my progress in each save's name. Did I just kill a boss or get a spiffy item? That's noted. I could also rename a save file to say "BEFORE VERY IMPORTANT DECISION Y" just in case I wanted to try more than one way of a d
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