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Pillars of Eternity: Monster Strengths and Weakenesses

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Made this chart after having getting my ass kicked in many combats


Making this table took me many hours of work, but it helps me prepare for the combat more strategically and beat the monsters with less casualties, even if they are higher level:


Pillars of Eternity: Monster Strengths and Weakenesses


Basically, use it to look up the monster(s) you are fighting and to choose what weapons or abilities/spells will be the most least effective


I've learned Pillars of Eternity is designed in a way such that if you just blindly button mash your way through combat then you will get killed very quickly.


Hope this helps :) be sure to bookmark it so you can check it every time you play and prepare for battle!

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The Unofficial Pillars of Eternity Wiki - Community/Fan Maintained!

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Thanks for this it'll really help. What i love in this game is once you find their weak spot a ten minute fight becomes ten seconds. I was fighting some drakes and xaurip priests today and when i noticed i could charm the drakes with a LEVEL 1 druid spell (they have low will as i see) the fight ended in a blink. :D

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Thanks a lot for the good work! This is a huge undertaking and I'll be using this a lot in my next run where I'll turn on "Expert Mode."


However I was wondering if you planned to update this now that Obsidian implemented immunities?

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