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  1. Seems to still be the case in 2.0. I can see it in the crate behind the vendor, but not in her inventory. Was this supposed to be fixed?
  2. Turns out, the gamma setting is inverted. The higher the value, the darkest the environment. Doh! Not sure if that's normal or not.
  3. The game looks very visually dark on my laptop computer. I'm set to a "low" graphics details. When I do this, some areas are basically all black: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/950708848816866018/3D6EA486CD80290F0E552B606FAE0B97C6549AAE/ If I turn the "Lights" options on, it's a little bit better but not that much. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/950708848817473372/7E3918114D23D285BF1FBD86ED6618BE2A4A109A/ I think it's got something to do with this PC as I don't have the same problem on my desktop PC. I've attached my dxdiag output but basically I run on a Dell Precision laptop with Xeon processors (undervolted because otherwise this games makes my PC shut down because of all the heating it causes to CPUs) and a Nvidia Quadro M1200 on Windows 10 Pro. DxDiag.txt
  4. Since the latest closed beta the Ultra Wide (21:9) resolutions seem to be gone. I'm 95% sure they were present in the previous build. Now they are just not listed anymore. For instance, my desktop resolution is 3440x1440 but the game won't list this. If I go "Full Screen" then the image is deformed and that's highly annoying. Also I haven't found any configuration file to manually set that resolution. I think it's probably somewhere and I just haven't found it?
  5. Loving the changes so far. Two things though: - I love that the character on the overland maps looks like Gandalf the Grey. However I hope you'll animate him because it's kind of weird to see the figurine just moving but not being animated. Doesn't have to be high-resolution animation, just make the stick move or something (but if you can do more advanced stuff, by all means!). - I think the remaining cast time isn't very clear. I mean the long-duration spells that we can see Aloth using. I think this indication should be crystal-clear, more than it is now, very obvious so you can't miss it in the heat of battle - and more importantly, you can clearly see that somebody's targeting your Wizard and is interrupting him. I play on Path of the Damned usually and that kind of quick, reliable, visual feedback is key to read the battlefield efficiently.
  6. Since most of the theorycrafters hang around this thread I thought I'd ask here : is there an up to date chart showing the benefits (for damage output) of each attribute over the levels? If I remember correctly there was one in the past showing that Might was strong at the early levels, then fell flat, whereas Dexterity was the opposite and Perception was fairly linear.
  7. Hey guys, So I'm fairly decent at C# (mostly Web API stuff and console apps for parsing... you know, stuff) but never touched Unity or decompilers. I figure writing mods for PoE would be a good way to start. This framework seems to be the best way to start. Before committing to this I have a few questions though: - The OP says we could, in theory, write _anything_ to add to PoE. Could I conceivably add a whole new playable class as well as talents and spells (re-using assets of the game for icons and animations, but adding my own logic to the abilities ?) - A lot of the mods I found require to overwrite game files. I imagine that's when they modify existing code. Is there a better way to do this? Ie: extending/overwriting/overloading classes in a separate file? I figure it's probably a best practice to leave the base files untouched (I don't mind my mod being broken after a patch, I just don't want to break a user's game files). For instance in my previous example, if I want to add new Talents, can I do that and hook them up in the game without modifying other classes? - The Nexus Mod page lists the IEMod Github repo, is it correct that the actual framework repo is here: https://github.com/GregRos/Patchwork Thanks, and sorry for the dumb questions.
  8. Has anybody noticed any change in the 3.0 beta with regards to Attack Speed?
  9. Does Dex also improve spell casting animation and recovery frames? I'm reaching a point where my Cipher has more focus than she can spend, and I'm wondering if I could improve the casting times to spend my extra focus on things like Mind Wave.
  10. Is there a reliable list somewhere with the correct frame count for each type of attack speed? I'd like to know exactly how many frames/seconds each category (Fast, Average, Slow, etc..) is exactly.
  11. Attack speed affects the recovery of all attacks. Melee speed affects only the recovery of melee attacks (including spells benefiting from Vulnerable Attack like Jolting Touch). Ranged speed affects only the recovery of ranged attacks (including ranged spells benefiting from Penetrating Shot like Minoletta's Missiles). Fire rate affects only the recovery of ranged weapons (bows, firearms, implements). The only thing that affects the attack animation is the dex. Right, good. Little subtlety that ranged attack include both ranged weapons and spells recovery, while fire rate only weapons recovery. Thanks!
  12. Just to make sure I understand this right, could somebody please confirm the terminology? What is the difference between "melee speed" and "attack speed" ? Are they the same, except attack speed targets both melee and ranged attack speed? What does Attack Speed include exactly? Is it only recovery frames or animation + recovery frames? What is Fire Rate?
  13. Thanks a lot for the good work! This is a huge undertaking and I'll be using this a lot in my next run where I'll turn on "Expert Mode." However I was wondering if you planned to update this now that Obsidian implemented immunities?
  14. I've started to shadow the video but I'm running into trouble in Raedric's Hold dungeons. When you're about to free the acolyte, you need to sneak up and "single pull" one of the skeletons. I can't for the life of me pull this off - both come, or none. Even when one starts to "investigate" he never wanders far enough that only he will aggro. I'm wondering if it's just a skilled pull you need to make (and I don't have the skill) or if with the 2.0 IA changes it's not possible to pull this off anymore?
  15. Yes, but there's no way - as far as I can see - to link an ID to another one. For instance ID 3 is "Blunderbuss", but there's no way to know the corresponding ID (which is ID 256) of the related description. For this example it's easy because the description starts with "Blunderbusses are matchlock firearms..." but there are other examples which are not so obvious. Basically I'm looking for the internal relational database that links these IDs together.
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